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14 December 2017


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Thanks for taking us on all your worldly travels.
You are truly blessed.
Merry Christmas sweet friend.
Love to you and yours

That BLUE sky! How could they have expected bad weather?
Love the photos. Isn't it funny how going not that far but across a border everything can be so different? We do the same with Spain, which is a bit over an hour away. And Andorra, which takes three hours to get to because of the mountain roads.

What a wonderful visit you had even with the cancellation of the brocante. The architecture is wonderful, and that breakfast food sounds fantastic.
Great photo of you and Yann.
Thanks for the ornament information

Your walk through Sanremo makes me want to move there and learn Italian. Sad you can't enjoy caffeine. My husband can't either. But oh the food I am just sure it was delicious.

Oh I just love that pop of blue framing your face! Lovely. Italy looks lovely. Thanks for the ornament info.

"Food" Italian -- I know exactly what Sacha means!

Besides that, I also speak a little "Opera" Italian: Vissi d'arte, Sempre libera, Un bel di vedremo, Non piu andrai, Là ci darem la mano, Largo al factotum... :-)

But the Italians all speak FOOD language. You with your waving arms, nodding head, dancing up and down on the spot would have done beautifully.... :) :)
We did a similar thing when living in Switzerland. We had some skiing holidays in Zermatt and from one point you could ski into Italy and come up again to the Swiss side. It was a ‘black piste’ at the time but I overcame my Angst and trepitation because I knew that a real caffè was waiting for me at the end of the journey. Fondest memories visit me here. Thank you!

Food Italian! I picked up food Spanish while living in South Florida. I speak both Cuban food Spanish and Mexican food Spanish. I can also find the bathroom in Spanish.

Oh how wonderful to be able to travel to other countries that are only a few hours away by car! I envy you Corey! Always wished I could've visited other countries while living in England, but was never able to. My father's people were from Sicily and Naples and I know the food from those regions is amazing. Thanks for sharing your travels with us here in the frozen north!

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