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14 January 2018


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Thanks for your food for thought in Portugal.
I love all you share.
Hugs and glorious wishes and many thanks for all you share


Think I gained five pounds just reading this! Can't wait for our trip. Thank you for these tantalizing descriptions.


We had cafe and pastry at Confeitaria Nacional, on Dec. 24th - it was special! Plus our hotel gave us the traditional Christmas bread/ring that lined their window sills, and it was pretty tasty. I regret not eating more pastries in Lisbon. Life is short!

Sharon Morrison

Love to hear, through your expressive writing, the description of all you see and taste. The descriptions put me there. Xxx

Dixie Crane

Thank you for taking me there--I could smell the treats baking and hear the sounds of sweet joy through your words. What a delight! xoxox to you and Yann.

Vicki Perkins

Wonderful post. Makes me want to hop a plane tomorrow!


I was able to enlarge that picture of the pastry shop....omg it looked fantastic. Wondering if people thought you were a local since your family is Portuguese? Bolo de Arroz with cafe please.


Oh my, oh my, I do believe I have traveled to Lisbon to celebrate Epiphany this year...I have seen the sights, tasted the treats and been immersed in the culture of this city....thank you for the ride around town in your pocket!


Great gift of telling the story!
I am ,also thankfull!:)

Jacklynn Lantry

Oh Corey, I'm so happy that you are having such a wonderful trip and enjoying Portugal so, so much. I understand how you feel. When I went to Ireland I felt like I saw my dad every where! It kind of explained a lot of his ways to me. Suddenly he made sense in a new and different way. He became more a "person," more 3 dimensional, if that makes any sense. I can feel the depth of your joy in your writing. Thanks for taking us on another great adventure:)


Oh No, you made me want those amazing pastries. I am drooling here.

Jenifer Delson

So enjoying your reminisce about your family in conjunction with the glorious descriptions of food. You write so beautifully that I am totally immersed in your memories and the delicacies that I can almost smell. Thank you.


I think I’ve gained a few pounds since reading your posts on Portugal. Thank goodness they were only virtual pounds....
A wonderful tour.

Kathie B

Oh Corey, you're giving me such saudades for the Azores and for Lisbon!

Here's an easy recipe for Pastéis de Natas, using store-bought frozen puff pastry (essential for those of us lacking the time or energy to make our own). I omit the lemon zest, but imagine it would be a tasty addition:
You can also find videos online for making these.

Unless you're cooking for a crowd, I'd recommend making only half a batch, because you don't want soggy bottoms -- Mary Berry would never approve! -- which inevitably occur by the next day.

There are quite a few recipes for these online, some using milk instead of cream in the filling, others including directions for making your own puff pastry (my amiga Helen told me her late immigrant mother always did).

Miss Bunny

Corey - thanks for the yummy thoughts! We visit Portugal through your words & pictures. A visit to Portugal is on my wish list so your visit is a lovely tease.

Enjoy this year of happy moments!

Dawn F

Thank you for sharing your wonderful words and photos! Such a pleasure to read your posts.

Harpist Amy

I can taste it! Thank you.

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