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07 February 2018


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Chris Wittmann

What a touching post, and Maggie's words are a wonderful tribute to you Corey as well, and all you do to make your visitor's feel special. The Tiny House looks like the perfect place to "cocoon" away from the world. I would stay there for the rosemary bushes alone!


A nice testament from Maggie. I clicked on the link, the house is truly adorable.

Kathie B

I'm glad Maggie had the opportunity to stay there and enjoy herself. Because other times life can so unfair, especially her illness and death too soon. Hugs to everyone who loved her.

Our French Oasis

If I was an empty nester looking for a few months peace and quiet during the winter this would be my absolute dream of a place to stay, it sounds and looks utterly idyllic.




I REMEMBER it WELL........how long ago was that?THREE YEARS?

French la Vie

It is a cocoon. A perfect place to let your hair down, write, paint.. be. The Rosemary bush would hug you too.

French la Vie


French la Vie

That was Maggie's goal.

French la Vie

Indeed xx

French la Vie

So true. Three years xx


How I wish that our plans for France were not already set in stone! Your place looks lovely. Perhaps another year...
I have very much enjoyed your blog over the last few months since I discovered it. As I, too, am turning 60 this year, it's interesting to me to read the thoughts and impressions of others who also face the same milestone.

Jan D-M

Oh, thank you for sharing. Since hearing her story from you, I think of Maggie from time to time and the joy she found in her stay at the Tiny House. What a lovely way for her to have spent those days.


Love Maggie's memories. How I could dream of staying in the tiny house.

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