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30 November 2018


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I adore your visit to Seattle. So close, yet so far still from Portland. How wonderful to see your son's world. Now you can go home and visualize where he is much better. I don't think I have seen that gum wall, hummm? Think I will skip it. But I do need to explore more of Seattle.


Corey, it looks like a wonderful trip to Seattle. It may be sad to be separated, but look at the rich experiences you get to share when reconnected and catching up. Thanks for posting pictures of your blog friends, Judy, Bill, and Martina.

Take the ferry across to Victoria BC if you have the time! That high altitude bench on the Space Needle (I assume that's where it is) I could not do!


In the same boat - my son working in Seattle. He's 22 and just out of college which he attended close to home. We visited a couple of weeks ago and will see him at Christmas.

I think you and I and most moms feel the same. When I'm with him I feel a physical tug to not let him be far away and I realize that I am profoundly content when he is nearby. But a while after we've said goodbye my feelings change from sad to glad that he's doing what he should be doing, growing and becoming independent.

It's happy and sad at the same time.

Kathie B

Oooh, Diogenes: we loved Victoria, too!


Precious post, I am nodding, I can relate to it so well. Especially the *goodbyes" part.

Also, I lived in Seattle, in Queen Anne Hill, for several months, til I became engaged to my hubby and moved back to Alaska to get married!

Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

Leslie in Oregon

I will think of Sacha as my husband and I spend Christmas in Portland, where we live, with our son and his French husband, who live in New York City. I understand how you feel upon leaving Sacha in Seattle and returning to France, and I will share those feelings when we bid adieu to our Johnny and Fabien as they leave Portland to return to New York City after Christmas.💜


So beautiful. You’ve created an absolutely enchanting world for your family. Your love of family and life is contagious. Thank you for the reflections on your blog.💫💛

Suki Tutthill

Your love of life, family and friends is so rich. I love your positive outlook. I have a son and daughter too, who I live with and near and after reading your blog just want to hug them like you do when living far away and leaving each other.
My husband was from Seattle and his family owned and started Pike Place Market in 1907. Got to go to a special celebration and family reunion on its 100th anniversary with special tours and went to the theater next to the gum wall😜. It is one of the most unique parks in the world. Many interesting things about it and how they take care of their people


You were so near, well nearer than France or California! Perhaps next time you could come across to Victoria. I should certainly drive down island to meet you or you you drive up Island and stay in Comox!


Gum tree in Père Lachaise! http://www.fugitif.net/ip/4630/index.php

TEXAS francophile

So enjoyed your journey to see baby boy, family and blogging friends. Can you believe how many friends you’ve made as a result of your blog??? I hope you plan a trip to Texas to see Roundtop. You talk about brocante???!

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