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08 December 2018


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Sounds wonderful. We went north to Munich Christmas Markets last weekend, just 4 hours away. Love the lights, smells, sounds, taste ... and lower prices!

We're going to Italy for Christmas, this is our tradition. This year, further than usual to the Amalfi coast. Ahh, counting the days :)

As usual, I love your photos. And agree completely about those lights!


My sister spent a semester in Italy. She loved it.

Wisps of Words

Do you have any views, on the reasons, that Paris is burning, today, yet again?

I am seeking sources of information. And you live in France.

Please weigh in, in some way.

Thank you.


What a fun Christmas tradition. How I would have love waiting in line for the food items. That coat is gorgeous too.

Kathie B

I typed "Yellow Vests" into the search box of Google News, which yielded numerous articles from which to choose:

Bonne chance!


I have to say, I like both the black coat and the dress next to it. I can definitely see both of them looking good on you. That is the great thing about being in the EU, everything is close, no 12 hour flights and there are so many short haul carriers to choose from. You must have gotten up pretty early to drive two hours to an 8:00 am market!

Kathie B

In particular, "Why are the ‘yellow vests’ still protesting in France? His name is Macron":

...What began as opposition to a carbon tax designed to curb climate change has morphed into a working-class revolt against Macron, who now faces the first major test of his presidency and whose approval ratings have plummeted to all-time lows...

Remarkably, some of those in the crowd had backed Macron’s improbable campaign in 2017. But they say they feel betrayed by an agenda that they see as merely concerned with protecting the economic interests of the elite...

But another protest — the March for the Climate — was also slated for Saturday. Some in yellow vests were seen among the gathering, and more people turned out for the climate march than for the yellow vests.


Fabulous trip to Italy and thanks for taking us along.
Much love and many blessings.
Ciao Bella
Love Jeanne


I don't dislike the street lamps. They have some style. A lot of people didn't like Eiffel Tower when it was first built.

Wisps of Words

Thank you Kathie B for your replies, to my question, for Corey.

Yes, there is a plethora, of articles on this wide spread unrest. From all sources. Each reporting, mostly based on their own political views.

But Corey is there! I would love to hear her views. She must have some.

But if she does not choose to put them on her blog, that is her choice as well. Perhaps she will address this "elephant in the living room," saying her blog is not for political discussion.

Again, thank you Kathie B!

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

Let's go together when we're back in February!!


Ah, you are bringing back memories of when we visited our college son in Florence at Christmas...every street strung with lights, Christmas markets filling the squares with cookies and delicious food, Italian hot chocolate (the best!) and churches filled with boughs. It is a wonderful place to celebrate the season AND shop for Christmas!

Carolyn from Pittsburgh

How lovely to pop over to Italy for shopping. We do about the same thing driving from Pittsburgh PA to Amish country in Ohio. A couple hours to a different world. I am so happy for what I have while being jealous of Italy.

Thank you so much for staying away from politics. I love your blog for many reasons. The pictures. Your words that create pictures. The stories you tell about your family, friends and work I look forward to. It is a place I can visit that is sometimes sad but never harsh.

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