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23 January 2019


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I love hearing about it! You can do all baby all the time if you want...well throw in a little brocante, please.

Your blog, your choice. It will be poetic, no matter. <3

Talk away! Who doesn’t love babies?!

You will never bore me with baby talk. In 2012 both my sons wives were pregnant at same time and two little boys arrived. I kept them the first year while the parents went back to careers. It was like having twins. Arrived at 6:20 , picked up in evening. Such a bond. Then we were blessed with two more grandchildren, so noooooo I will never tire of the subject. I will say, that until you have them, you can’t begin to imagine how your heart will change. It’s just impossible to know how different it is, when the grands come along. Best times of my husband and my lives.

Oh no, please keep up the baby talk. Pictures too (of baby clothes, baby toys, baby books, baby everything.)

Baby talk is wonderful....talk away...everyday if you like!

Please talk away and share all the bits - remembering the lovely side of life with all the magic and joy a baby brings to us - reading about your coming grand will be bliss.


The French do children’s clothes better than anyone, I think your in for some trouble. ENJOY IT! And because of this...I want to see everything. Every morning for years, I check to see what kind of trouble you’ve recently gotten yourself into...keep up the good work.

Corey you had better rethink the 3 onesiest, try for a dozen as the chances of burping up or pooping or just not being at home to do a proper change or cleanup make the need much greater. Just my experience with 6 kids and living with 4 grands. You are going to adore being a Grand!

Please show us some of the (now vintage?) baby clothes your mother-in-law had made for her kids when they were born! I bet they are lovely.

I don't mind baby talk.

You go ahead and talk baby all you want. It will only grow exponentially once the little one appears. Be ready for your heart to expand to bursting...

I laughed when you promised not to talk baby talk too often.
When my husband's first grandbaby was born, we went to Calgary to meet her and he took a LOT of photographs.
When we returned home, he immediately showed them to his aunt, who had stayed at our house during our absence.
A couple days later we stopped at her place for a quick visit and he offered to show her the photographs of the granddaughter.
His aunt said, "Oh -- I've already seen them."
My husband said, with a big eager smile, "Want to see them again!?"

The grandparent enthusiasm appears to be endless! You will enjoy your little sweetie so much.


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