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07 February 2019


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Just as long as the baby's healthy....

Re your age, there are T-shirts sold on the internet with the message "Over the hill? What hill? I don't remember any hill!"

First off, OH BOY!

I've had both so, for me, it's grand either way, but hooray for new babies!

Happy Birthday! I just turned 61 yesterday and I'm just fine.

I was going to write you about "natural" hair the other day, but it just got very long, so I deleted it. Let me just say, if you ever doubt natural hair looking ok, turn around and look at Yann. Does he look "ok" to you? I'd say, "no! He looks AMAZING!" Would you prefer Yann dye his gorgeous hair? I'm guessing "no!" And how lovely for you to match as you grow through the years -together! You will look fabulous!

Alright! Congratulations!! For a minute there I thought you were going to tease us and not reveal the goods. So glad you did!

Congrats! How exciting for everyone. I am babysitting a darling little boy who just turned one. He is scrumptious and I'm having a ball. Everyone is going to have so much fun and be so very full of all encompassing love. I am so, so happy for you all.

How very exciting! I sort of wanted a girl when my grandchild was due, but having a boy has been amazing. So happy for you all.

Congratulations. Praying for a healthy child!

A BOY, a sweet baby boy..

Yay! What fun!

My grandnephew is 9 months old and it's so much fun to see him growing and discovering things.

Yay! A boy! I have had two boys. And about hair color...I turned 70 a couple weeks ago and I struggle with whether to color my hair. I think the silver washes me out and I have more body when I color it. What to do, what to do...

Oh mon dieu. Chelsea's dreams were right on. Now to naming this little peanut.


Blessings for the little one.

Boy joy! Yay! Having grands is great...you're going to love it. Growing your hair out,tho...probably not so much. I let mine go natural when I retired. It wasn't too painful as I kept it very short. It looked bad, but the only people who seemed to care were my French friends who tried to talk me into coloring it again. They all color their hair and probably will 'til they die. So be prepared! I still don't recognize the woman I see in the mirror sometimes...it's a shock. In my mind I'll always be 25, I think, with long dark, dark brown hair!

So exciting...

WOW soooooo very happy for you and your family!!! He’ll be smothered in sugar from the day he is born. Hair color; very few people pull off the grey without looking old, men excluded. HappyBirthday to you 🎂!!! BTW how old is Yann?

So happy for you all, what an exciting time.
Re hair colour I am a natural blonde but as I got older went very dull & I didn't like it, I have foils done so the race track isn't obvious, I think a good hairdresser could use the right colours for you to be happy with, not sure how dark you are. You can also go more ashen & gradually go grey, my 2 friends have gone completely grey but mine would be mousy blonde like my Dad was & I don't want that.....call me vain but that's how it is. I think you would still look beautiful with your lovely happy smile, red glasses would good with grey hair & nice bright lippy.
One thing I can assure you of your little grandson won't give an iota what colour your hair is. 🌹🌹🌹

Congratulations to you all. Fabulous news as always.
Much love to you all

Love Jeanne

A boy!! How wonderful 💙🧩🥣🍼🧢😇🙏🏼 Congratulations!!

Congratulations to everyone! Best of health, happiness, and all good wishes!

How perfect! How blessed yout family is. Grandsons see the world differently; oh heck, I'm starting to cry telling you how awesome grandsons are!! You are in for such a glorious new phase of life!!

Congratulations! The fun begins!

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see all the baby items you get at the brocante.

Congratulations everyone!! A bouncing baby BOY is coming💙

I’ve found that watching a grandchild grow is a lot different than watching my own. It’s constantly surprising because they progress so quickly between the times you see them, even if it’s just days. And you’re amazed at the new things they’ve learned to do. And it’s the parents job to teach them not to climb the bookshelf!

Congratulations to you all! This is one lucky little boy to be joining such a close and loving family. Babies are wonderful no matter their gender. You and Jann will be wonderful grandparents.

I was sure it was a girl...my sister has 3 boys 13, 11 & 9. My nephews are half Kiwi and their dad is Jamaican so they are very cute and I love spending time with them.
As for your hair...I went cold turkey with shoulder length hair and it was hard but working nights helped. It took me 18 mth all up and it’s the best thing I ever did. Google older women with long grey hair for some stunning examples and inspiration; you’re going to look wonderful anyway. XX

The world of a grandson 💙 Congratulations! You are all so blessed to experience this little guy's life. Being a grandma to a grandson is truly a world of wonderment but from such a different perspective. So happy for you all!

Yaaay! A boy! A grandson! As the mother of two boys - I loved having sons! Though always secretly wished for a daughter (shhhh), but didn't go for #3 as I was certain it would be another boy. 😉 Now I am a grandmother of 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. So happy for Chelsea and Martin and both sets of parents and family! Such joyful fun times of eager anticipation! Oh and Corey, I loved the way you announced this. I almost scrolled down to 'cheat' and see, but was so enjoying the journey you were taking us on to the big reveal! ❤️

Wonderful! We need such a young man on earth! xoxo

Congratulations to Martin and Chelsea - nothing like the time of anticipation, especially with such a wide-spread family to welcome him. I imagine that your nieces are going to want to spoil him any chance that they get - in line after you and Great-Grandma.

What fun it was to scroll slowly down the post, guessing along the way...one picture had more pink...it must be a girl...next one more blue...etc. Yay, a boy! They are so fun! But you know that...

Babies are miracles of love and always wonderful either boy or girl. Hugs to everyone.

Wait, I thought you were going to let us know tomorrow? I wanted to quickly get in that I think Chelsea's carrying a boy. I have hair like yours, and I always said when I turn 70 I'll stop coloring my hair. Well ... I turned 70 in September and I'm still at it! And very happy to do so. (And I've plucked a few of those stray and unwelcome white eyebrow hairs.) Blondes definitely have more fun.

Yay! What a happy time! I am grandmother to a little boy. He is my delight! As for hair, I’m about your age and am natural and would never go back to color. Your hair is beautiful, so you could not go wrong either way!

lol being over the hill is as good as never seeing it.
Healthy baby of course, that is the first prayer.

Happy Birthday! Regarding hair color and Yann he would rather I keep it, he loves my hair as it is.

i like to tease, but I am too excited not to share xx

We can make play dates! Thank you for your constant friendship xx

I think we all have a preference after desiring a healthy baby. But then when you know it is a boy or a girl, it doesn't matter. A baby is a baby and a new love to indulge in. I can see you know that :) xx

Thank you! xx

Oh Laurie we are so excited! Remember when we were little stinkers with all those boys running around.

I cannot wait!!!!!

Happy Birthday! True true true! If only I knew what it would look like before going through the process.

Dream true! Chelsea, Martin and I dreamed it was a boy. Now for a name. They are not telling us, and my names are too weird I am told.


Thank you xx

So true!! My French friends do not agree with my "thinking" about it. I am curious that is all to see what it looks like, that is all. I agree I think we all see ourselves younger, the mirror isn't a best friend.

Very few indeed. I am 61 and Yann is four years younger.

My grandson better not care or no candy for him, lol.
I think my hair is white, that is why I want to let it go. I know it is whiter than Yann's.

thank you dear Jeanne xxx

thank you! I laughed when I saw the blue puzzle piece and the other emojis!


Now I am crying too!

Real fun!!

me too!! Though Martin reminded me that he didn't want his baby to look 18th century and full of lace. I told him, "Too bad!"

Oh what a visual that is!

Exactly, Grandparents do not have to teach or set limits. I can hardly wait to be the Grandmother who spoils the child!!

That is nice of you to say. Thank you xxxx

Thanks Leigh! I have watched so many you tubes about growing out my blonde dyed hair to white, because I am white underneath.

Thank you !!! I can hardly wait!

Thank you. I have four brothers, I always wanted a sister. I wanted four girls, but instead I have one of each and love them more than anything ever. So in the end it isn't about gender, it is about the person as you know. I am so thankful for this moment!!

Ah thank you that is lovely!!

We plan to go to my mom's at Thanksgiving.

Thank you I had fun setting that up!

Miracles of love so very true! xxx

I might be 70 with blonde hair too. It is such a silly hard curious decision. And if I keep plucking I might not have any eyebrows left to pluck!

Thank you Carol.

Yay! Now you can begin buying sweet littl boy clothes, if you haven’t already. Co gratulations!

Such great news and good for all to know what will be arriving as you ogle all those places selling clothes for babies...no need for blue of course, maybe orange, yellow and green...that would make for a yummy looking baby boy! As for the hair....you gotta do what feels right for you, not anyone else.....I just read an article here in NZ that said "Grey is the new blonde"....not sure about that, but a few of the people (it was from an American newspaper) had been blessed with grey hair from a young age and they were rocking it, one was an actor who had finally decided, like you, she had had enough of the colouring and was transitioning to grey..still in her 40s, but ready to move on..so I guess it is just what works.....go GREIGE! Cheers

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