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05 February 2019


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When pregnant with my first child, I had an ultrasound at about six months and was told the baby would be a girl. I'd been calling the little peanut "Emil" all along but cheerfully changed my expectations. However, when born prematurely at seven months, the baby was indeed a boy. Mama was right, technology was wrong.

Second child, my dream was that baby was a girl wearing a blue sleeper. Turned out to be my second son.

Will be interesting to see what Chelsea has. Fun!


Haha! I have the same pictures from the lift at my old job!

Whoever’s on his/her way will be wonderful.

Haha I love your last sentence !!!!
I’m going for a girl 😅

My money's on girl because boy seems to be the front runner and I'm a contrarian.

Twins, one of each!

I've long wondered why we are so anxious to saddle a precious unborn child with a sex label, and all the baggage that that label (whether male or female) carries with it in American (and French) culture. As soon as they know whether a baby is male or female, people start treating that baby (unborn or born) in terms of the cultural stereotypes and norms for his or her sex (often in ways that those people do not even realize). As a product of my culture, I invariably do that too. But I try very hard not to do it consciously because, having interpreted and applied sex discrimination law (and studied sexism) for decades, I know how very destructive those sex-based stereotypes and norms can be.

With every best wish from another first-time grandmother-to-be (in July or September...the babies are twins).

I'm going with Yann's guess, a girl 💕

Such exciting times for your family ❤

Whichever, she/he is blessed!

I'm with the girl guesses. No matter which, after finding out the sex, then it will be "what are they going to name him/her? Such fun, but maybe stressful games but maybe not. Maybe just a great big bundle of JOY.

With my first child, we were both 100% sure (even we conceived) that our child would be a girl, and so she was. We knew she would be stubborn and spirited and beautiful; she was a dream we shared when we first met.

Our second child, we thought would be a girl, but I think that was more because we could decide on a girl's name we both wanted desperately to use -- Romy -- so of course we had a boy. And he has been a total surprise and gift, each and every day.

So cute. Whatever the baby is, it will be fully loved.

Italian old wives tale girls rob your looks..boys you sparkle..
also 100 per cent you carry boys and girls differently..my Nona from Calabria used a wedding ring and a string and would sway it over the pregnant woman's belly..
roses this bambino won the grandmother lottery

Which ever it is, it will certainly be well loved.

How beautiful that little bump is! I love how the light is just shining on the baby. I'm betting with Yann. He seems to be going by inspiration.

LOTS of baby boys being born around here! I say it's a beautiful,bouncing baby boy!! xo

So much fun. I’m feeling girl vibes..💕

I am feeling boy too! It is already close to the 7th in France I can't wait to tune in later to see what the Bebe is! I will be knitting :)xo gina

Girl XX

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