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16 April 2019


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Tears! How sweet to see and read of Chelsea helping Yann finish the race. What a special daughter you have.

Did the marathon course go near Notre Dame? If so, did you get any photos of it on Sunday?

Love, faith, and the promise of joy...yes, Yann had/has the best cheerleaders. 💗

I see two generations helping him reach his goal......I am humbled by all three of them.

What a beautiful perfect marathon moment you captured. I am crying in Wisconsin, it's so lovely. Chelsea is the best!

Congrats to Yann!
(But how do you know when a runner needs encouragement or to stop running?)

A perfect post to lift our spirits.

This is proof of the wonderful job you did in parenting, you have every right to be proud of your daughter's beautiful character and love.

Congratulations to you all.

Oh my god Corey, this made me cry. What a lovely and touching story. Chelsea is going to be a great mom!

yes, sometimes it takes someone else's belief in you, to spur you on!

Thanks for sharing this. It's a beautiful thing to know what to say to another, at just the right moment.

Just breathe ... Perfect.

Words that your loving daughter will no doubt hear as she's bringing your precious grandchild into the world, a couple months down the road.

Once again, congratulations to Yann!

now I'm crying

Simply beautiful.

Oh dear - tears all round as we read this.....well done Yann, Chelsea and Paris for focusing on the positive and getting that beautiful Notre Dame back on her feet too....I will look forward to seeing her repaired and racing to the finish line too....Cheers

What a wonderful story...the best. Thanks for sharing it! Here's to you and your peeps!

i love this story, made me shed a few tears with my breakfast...finishing a marathon is such an accomplishment. Boston Marathon was Monday, there are so many inspirational stories with all these races. ❤️ To you and Notre Dame...

"French Woman Sets Marathon Record Running In High Heels":
https://www.npr.org/2019/04/17/714213033/french-woman-sets-marathon-record-running-in-high-heels (audio already available online)

Summary: Christelle Doyhambehere ran the race on a challenge from her partner, who dared her to run in her stylish footwear. She ran in just over six hours, beating that record by about an hour and half.

What a connection those two have. This made me tear up. We’re they close to the Finnish?

Such a man and such a daughter. Love for all. More power to them and to you.

You've raised an extraordinary girl.

Once again you have brought me to tears. Such A beautiful connection between Yann and Chelsea. How is he feeling?

As so often happens, your words have me in tears. Thank you for describing such a beautiful exchange between your daughter and her Father. This love speaks everything about all of you.

Brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations to Yank,hope he is recovered no mean feat!Well done Chelsea and baby too!👟👟👟


This short post was brief but packed with familial love between daughter and father, husband and wife, Catholic faith and history. Cheers to Yann especially, but also to the ties that bind you altogether.

This is a moment in time that is full of grace and love. You will never forget it and it is a reminder to us all.

That was absolutely beautiful!
Chelsea is going to a wonderful mother.
I think she has some phenomenal role models!

So beautiful!

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