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13 May 2019


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My wild guesses: June 8th, boy, Michel, 7.5 lbs, a little dark hair.

She is just beautiful! Think hee baby will be around 9 pounds with dark hair and he will be early, June 10th.

Baby's first or middle name will be your father's name?

June 11th Boy, 8#4oz Luca (I like the name🤔) May Chelsea have an easy birth and happy baby.

My guesses are June 12th, a boy, Henri (maybe with Yann as middle name?), 7 lbs. 2 oz., quite a bit of dark hair. Chelsea looks beautiful!

You are so fun! June 14th. A boy. 7.8 lbs. Name=your Father’s name. Tons of hair. Best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mom.

No guesses, just best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy mama and baby. She's a beautiful mom-to-be.

I see in your excitement that you forgot that you had already told us it will be a boy. I will guess June 21 so the Fete de la Musique will always celebrate his birth. I will guess 8.9lb with dark hair. Names are way too difficult. Hope Chelsea has a good labor - remind her that the hard work will be worth it and she will only remember the wondrous result. Enjoy your Grsndmother time.

June 27th (it's my daughter's birthday,) 8 pounds/2 ounces, maybe your dad's name in their somewhere?, most important of all, she'll have a very short labor (under 8 hrs) and the baby will be born at 11:02 am, with loads of dark hair.

This is the best game ever.

June 23 My grandsons birthday😊
9.2 pounds
Stephan or Louis (grandfathers names)
Thick dark hair

It will be fun to see. This child will be loved by many. May God bless you all😘

Let's not make Chelsea, or any of us , wait any longer than we have to, June 1st. Bebe boy will have a name with great meaning, weighing 8.2 pounds. His will be a bald headed baby that for some reasons makes strangers think they have the right to rub his head!! No, on second thought, that drove me crazy, so bebe boy will have thick, light brown hair. He will have rosebud lips and be blessed all the days of his life!

Chelsea is a beautiful mother-to-be and she is all baby.
Such an exciting time for all of you!
It is hard to predict the birth date as our son was 2 weeks late and our daughter
was 2 months early, But I will say, a boy named after the 2 grandfathers or great grandfathers, June 15, 7 1/2 lbs and not much hair. This was fun!👶

I don't know nuthin' about birthin' no babies. But I'll bet the weight won't be recorded in pounds and ounces.

Indeed she will be a beautiful Mother.

June 18
Boy, of course
8lbs. 11 oz.
Lots of hair
Michel then your dad's name, I have forgotten what it is!

However, whenever this boy enters the world he is going to have the biggest following ever. I will definitely be a follower.

June 15 boy 7 lb 6 oz Jean-paule. And lots of fun. My daughter had a miscarriage this year so I am still anticipating my first grandchild! You are so fortunate.

She is so beautiful! She glows. Blessings to all.

My guess is June 13, boy of course, 7lbs 11 oz, he will be fair haired and his name will have special meaning to Chelsea and Martin.

I am guessing June 16 (Fathers' Day), 8 lbs, 8 oz., fine, dark hair, Martin named because he may be born on Fathers' Day. Whatever the date, weight, hair or name, this is sure to be a most blessedly loved baby, as every child in the world should be!

June 13th and a boy with dark hair.
She will be a wonderful mother and Martin will be a wonderful father.

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