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31 May 2019


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My guess is: June 15, 10 lbs., girl, Madeline (Mady or Maddi)

Cindy Williamson

June 10 was my daddy's birthday!


my guess is June 13th George or Anthony or Christopher 7 lbs 7oz in the early morning-


June 9, 8 lbs 10 ounces, welcome Adrien Charles.


My guess is a boy on June 13th, 8lbs. 7oz. No name idea! I realized when my daughter was pregnant I was picturing a girl, but once I knew it was a boy my heart just opened. This child is part of each of you and you will love that little one no matter what.

Judy @ aportmanteau

June 16. 8 lbs 7oz. A boy. A grand French name.

Lil Fleur

What fun! Best wishes for you all and the baby! Thanks for letting us share your happiness.


June 11

7lbs 9oz


Named after Martin's paternal grandfather...


June 15th (my b-day) 3lb 7oz Boy named Joshua


Sorry I meant 7lb 7oz


June 8, 8lb 6oz...a boy named Ian ❤️❤️❤️


June 11th, 8 lb 7 ounces, boy, French name of Emilien or Gabin

Jaclyn Crone

June 8, Raphael, 8 lbs. 9 oz
St. Gerard, pray for Chelsea.


Baby Boy
June 7
7.5 pounds
Name- I am slightly superstitious so TBD!
What a beautiful adventure for you and Yann!

Liana Munden

I’m so excited for you. I remember the birth of our first grandchild. I’ll be praying for you and Chelsea Ok I’ll guess June 8, and 7.6 lbs.


Oh, an 8 pound boy, with both grandfathers names...

Ana Maria

I’m no good at guessing; three times I’ve shown up at the hospital with bows and a tiny pearl necklace and all three have been boys! I do promise you this: you will wonder how you ever lived before this little gift from God arrived! You know how much you love your children? Multiply it by 10 or by 100 - that’s how much you will love this baby! I am in my home right now playing with Max (10), Lucas (7) and Mateo (9 months) and I can guarantee I’ve never felt more happiness than now!
God bless you all!

Ana Maria

As Jaclyn wrote above:
Saint Gerard, pray for Chelsea!


June 7, 8lbs 2oz, Quazimodo Zacharie. :)


June 9; 9 lbs. 4 oz.; Charles Sawyer. Best wishes and luck to the new parents to be!

Sharon Crigger-Stokan

So happy for you all! You will love being a Grandmere et Grandpere! Your hearts are forever changed! ❤️


So happy you're on your way to Paris to await the baby's arrival with Chelsea and Martin.
My guess: June 11. 8lbs 12oz. A boy named Léo.

Teddee Grace

I am so anxious for everyone! I drove 2700 miles round trip to Tacoma solo to visit my brother and just got back Memorial Day and scanned all of your posts I had missed afraid the baby had been born while I was gone! I wasn't certain when it was due. So looking forward to the good news.

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