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17 June 2019


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Lovely picture of the two of you!


Such perfection! Gorgeous! Take in every moment you have with him. Loved tucking my nose right down in my grandsons neck and savoring the smell of him. I still do, but he is almost 7 and though he still give kisses freely I don't think he would smell the same. Ha! Enjoy! So precious!

Donna Boucher

He’s smiling at you :)

Jacklynn Lantry

Beautiful photo of you two together. Keep 'em coming!


Very sweet!



pc Brown

perfect moment captured forever. congratulations to you all!

Kathie B

Now you know how your mom felt when Chelsea and Sacha were born!


Beautiful photo XX

George in Brooklyn

Many blessings to the little one and to his parents.
Congratulations to you all!

Marilyn King

Congratulations !! Beautiful baby boy ! Beautiful blessed family ! What will he call you ?


isn't it amazing? i see the joy and love in your smile and i totally understand!!! xoxo jody/florida


What happiness. So, that empty nest begins to fill up again.


Love love love this!


I think every mom, and grandmother can feel and relate to the absolute joy your family is experiencing now....and it is contagious! Thank you.


Adore this picture. Your happiness is evident.


Gorgeous photo!


Treasure every golden moment with your precious Gabriel. Again congratulations to you all.
Love Jeanne

Cynthia Thompson

You and Baby Gabriel are a perfect pair!! Thank you so very much for sharing.


Checking each other out. Enjoy every minute, Grandma.


Congratulations to all. Grand babies are so precious. Your life is now changed with this darling bundle.

Stephanie Monahan

Absolutely BEAUTIFULL. Now everything is baby :0)

Deb Hillman

Corey, Isn’t it amazing! There are so many words, yet no words....
Thank you for sharing your life’s joy, Gabriel is just beautiful.


It’s true! Everyone sits in a circle and stares at the baby all day. And.. at every stage. So much joy.

Sharon Crigger-Stokan

What a beautiful moment captured for forever!


The perfect picture and love is flowing and surrounding.


hello how are you-and how goes all things.....wishing you the best of everything as you already know and thinking of you daily for realz!


Looking forward to Baby Gabriel overload! What will Gabriel call his grandparents?


Congratulations! Babies are so wonderful!

Chico Sue

This. This is it!

Barbara Blizzard

Enjoy this very special bonding time - it will stay in your heart forever.


Beautiful photo of you two. 💕


What grandmother name did you choose?

Judith Busch

Told ya

Karen Buda

Love the picture of you two -the love shines through! I remember my Mom saying the same things when my parents came to visit after my sone was born (he is now 19, and 6 ft. 2"!). My Mom said she thought she'd take him home with her. You're right - babies are a magnet you could watch all day and never tire of. Enjoy your sweet grandbaby.

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