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16 June 2019


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He's so lovely. I can smell that wonderful new baby smell all the way from there to here (New Mexico). Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents. Wow what a wonderful Father's Day!

Welcome little angel Gabriel, welcome.

Beautiful baby, Love his name. Congratulations to Mom and Dad and the entire family. To the new Mom: Well done!

precious beyond!

He is a beautiful, perfect little boy. What joy for you and family - enjoy! And what a lucky little fellow he is to be in your family!

Angel Gabriel, a Fathers Day gift XX


Beautiful baby! Beautiful name!


Such a perfectly divine gift from God. Blessings upon you all for a long life of wellness and knowing all that love can bring as a family.

So beautiful. What a joy and blessing for all of you.

A good weight too, like mother like daughter XX

Adorable. Thanks for sharing this photo. Love the name Gabriel!

Lovely to see the handsome Gabriel, angelic already....I must say he has a very good sturdy strong looking hand....with lots of lovely chubby wrinkles....!! Well done again to all...

So happy for you all! ❤️

Beautiful,big boy and the name Gabriel suits him perfectly.

Congratulations to Mom, Dad and to everyone! He is so cute and such a lovely name. Your lives and love are forever changed! So very happy for you!

Congratulations to you all. A new adventure begins. Little baby Gabriel will bring you so much joy and laughter, enjoy every precious moment. May God bless you all. X

Welcome home, Gabriel ... so much love to all of you!

félicitations à maman, papa, et fils - et bien sûr toute la famille des deux côtés!
Made me shed a tear of happiness. Every new born human being is SUCH a huge and invaluable tresor. Bienvenu Gabe! You will have a beautiful life in your family who loves you so very much.

Thanx so much for sharing this most precious and wonderful Family time..... he looks PERFECT !!!!! CONGRATS TO ALL

Welcome to the world Gabriel. Babies are bits of stardust hand blown by God's own hands.
Much love and congratulations to you all.
A beautiful boy.
May his life be forever full of magic and love.
Love to you all

Your beautiful boy was well worth waiting for. Fantastic! So much fun ahead. Congratulations, Corey, to you and everyone within Gabriel's strong reach.

SO beautiful! What a beautiful gift from God!

Congratulations, enjoy!

Welcome to the world Gabriel! Wishing you a life filled with happiness!😘

What a beautiful baby boy. Blessings and love to you all!!

Welcome Gabriel. What a wonderful family to be a part of.....
Ali xx

What a wonderful bundle of joy dropped into a family who is already showering him with love all the way to the moon and back and who is already receiving so much love from all around the world! Congratulations to everyone!!!! So much happiness ahead!

Congratulations to all of you! Such a magnificent gift for you all, to love and enjoy for the rest of your lives. I love the name, too!

What an adorable baby boy! Congratulations to the parents and all the grandparents! He's the perfect gift for Father's Day! Love and hugs!

Hi Corey! Congratulations to the whole family! I'm also an American living in France, (married to a Frenchman) and our first child was born exactly ten years before your beautiful grandson, on June 15, 2009 so I felt compelled to comment, finally. I wish you all endless newborn snuggles and all the happiness to come.

Lovely! Congratulations to the loving parents and grandparents. Gabriel is beautiful and will be a treasure for you all.

Simply beautiful. Gabriel is a darlin' baby boy. Congratulations to you all, especially the new parents.

Beautiful Gabriel!

He is so beautiful. Happiness surrounds. Congratulations to all of you. Love abounds.

One of the absolutely best chapters of life has begun. New parents chapter is wonderful but grandparents chapter is the BEST! There is nothing like it. We love our children but it seems the capacity to love the grandchildren is even greater. Love the wonder of it!

Oh he’s so Beautiful! Blessings to all.

Congratulations! He is so sweet! Love those chubby little cheeks. God bless him.

Beautiful! So happy for all of you. Congratulations!


Congratulations to you & your beautiful family! How wonderful & love the name Gabriel. Wishing you many years of fun, love, adventure, sweet moments & much laughter. Both you & Yann have a whole new life about to begin...Enjoy!

Glorious day! What a beautiful boy! Congrats all around...Gabriel Mr. Espresso...wonderful name too!

Welcome to the world, little Gabriel! Congratulations again to everyone - he is a little doll.

This is wonderful news! So glad all are safe. Enjoy your new roles of grandparenthood!!! It is the best.

Nine pounds!? What a woman!! Congrats to all.

Adorable! Congratulations to Chelsea and Martin.

Thanking God for a safe birth. Much joy to them.

Congratulations! Blessings for this precious boy!

So relieved everything went well. Congratulations to all!

He is truly beautiful, Corey! Looks like Chelsea.

Congratulations to all ~ a new member of the family....what a beautiful blessing.

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