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20 June 2019


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He's a beautiful baby. Don't worry about posting photos of him for as long as you want! It's wonderful to watch babies grow. I see photos of my grandnephew just about every day and it's amazing how quickly they change.


He looks like a big boy, so beautiful! Of course Mommy is glowing and gorgeous. So happy for you👶🏻💖🥰👶🏻💖🥰

Jacklynn Lantry

I am LOVING this new chapter!! Keep the pictures coming:)


This is L.I.F.E.
Join the world of being turned upside down and right back up!
Its a miracle and blessing!
Your true gift from God!


Oh Corey, what a true blessing. He is beautiful. He is surrounded by love. All is good. My nephew changed our family dynamic for the good. He was an angel sent down to give us all a new perspective on what is really important. xxxx Rhonda

patty g

Loving every moment you share with us! What a beautiful family! I am so happy for everyone, and Gabriel.

Bev S.

Oh it is wonderful to see Gabriel and the love you all have for him! Keep sharing!

Leslie in Oregon

I will never tire of your photographs (and stories) of and about Gabriel.


I love the pictures and posts about sweet Gabriel. Please send as many as you like! It is so wonderful to feel the love of this sweet baby and his family.


P.S. I had to buy a phone with more storage just to hold the photos and videos of my grandson!😉


Show it all, Corey! We are all in love as well. Congratulations to each member of the very full-of-heart family.

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