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22 June 2019


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Jacklynn Lantry

I wept with joy hearing this beautiful recounting of the birth of baby Gabriel. I (like I'm sure all your readers) wait with baited breath for each day's post and each days news (and photos!) of the wee one. Your happiness is being spread around the world! How joyous.

PS Chelsea...you look AMAZING!


What a beautiful beginning. So glad your entire family will be all together soon. Enjoy this time


Another beautiful photo; I cannot believe how Chelsea has snapped back into shape in only one week and after delivering such a Bonny boy....incredible genes!!

pc Brown

Surely this boy will grow to be a wonderful man, his start has been so gloriously filled with love!


Gabriel looks like his gorgeous Mama. What a glorious summer


I start to tell everyone I know about Gabriel, only to remember none of my friends would know who I was talking about. So I keep Gabriel to myself and look forward to all the photos. Chelsea looks fabulous.


It seems such a miracle to see what was just one week ago, inside, now outside. Gabriel is so robust and thoughtful in his photos, and Chelsea, as well. Blessings to your entire family.

Marilyn M

Beautiful mother and child. What a blessed boy he is.


Chelsea looking very fit for one week out! Corey thanks for sharing this experience with your readers.

Our French Lifestyle

So happy for you all, I can already imagine what a fabulous summer it is going to be x

Leslie in Oregon

What a wonderful birth story! Do many pregnant French couples chose to give birth to their children in a natural clinic? What is a natural clinic called in French? How amazing it is to compare the photograph of Chelsea at 0830h last Saturday (posted on her Instagram account) with this photograph. 😘


Cannot get over how trim Chelsea looks!! Fit and fabulous!Beautiful photo!

TEXAS francophile

HA I have the same issue with my friends, so i refer to her as my invisible friend!

TEXAS francophile

Oh my goodness. I just can’t believe how beautiful Chelsea looks. Obviously her prenatal fitness regime paid off. What a love story this is. Corey you and Yann are so deserving of the summer you are about to embark on. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Piazza

Beautiful story for Gabriel to cherish as he's older. I suspected that Chelsea would soon look as if she hadn't even given birth.


So sweet! Happy tears!


All. the. feels. ♥️


So happy for all of you. Chelsea and Gabriel are so beautiful.
Let the fun times begin....


Blessings to all. So much love surrounds everyone.

Teri Severson

Beautiful story! Chelsea looks amazing!!


Absolutely wonderful💕💕💕


How fortunate that they will be with you for two months! You are right. What a wonderful summer it will be! I don’t need to say this but enjoy every minute!
Nina in Michigan

Ann of Avondale

OMG Chelsea looks terrific! Perfect photo - love and health! Wonderful.

Paula Tyner

Blessings to all. Thank you for sharing the joy.


Just the thought of this beautiful birth brings tears to my eyes. Before you know it this little guy will be returning the love with hugs and kisses of his own for each of you. What sweetness!

Annette (Toni) Mason

Gabriel is so lucky to have these words of yours! Make sure he will be able to read them when he is able! Baby Beautiful

Liana Munden

So very happy for you and all the joy he will bring💕


Félicitations! Your post so beautifully expressed the bliss you are so
deserving of. Thank you for enriching our lives as well, sharing this glorious event.

Cynthia Thompson

My heart is so full after that beautiful post. Again, so grateful for you sharing your wonderful family with us all. Blessings


all your words are lovely, loving and wonderful.
i am grateful for God's blessings upon your family. and i am gushing with joy for you! xoxo jody in fl


Okay, the spigot of tears was turned on as I read this. You really have a way of capturing moments. It took me back 48 years ago when our first born son came into the world. Moments like no others. Thanks for letting us have a window into glimpses of your family. Very special reminders of how much we all have in common as we journey thru this life.

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