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23 June 2019


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He is a beautiful baby!


One other thing... My nephew is a stay-at-home dad to their baby and has his iPhone set up to transfer photos automatically to Google Photos. Close family has the link and we get to see lots of photos of the baby daily as he grows. Maybe they could do that with photos of Gabriel.

(btw Gabriel is the name I picked for my son. We switched to another archangel, Michael, after all, but I love the name Gabriel.)




Doux means both sweet and soft. No need to choose because he defines both!

Jennifer Phillipps

Well - he does look cosy in his blanket and on that lovely pillow, I must say he does seem to have a strong resemblance to his Mama, in this photo...but of course early days yet....lovely to see his happy sleeping face...cheers from NZ

Jacklynn Lantry

LOL, well if that isn't the perfect combo for you Corey! New baby+Brocante:)


He looks like a Gabriel and perfect with the blanket and pillow.


He is one sweet baby! The pillow and blanket are beautiful. How perfect they look together.


He is beautiful, Corey.


Really beautiful blanket and pillow and the baby between the two is exquisite. Does his papa Martin have a dimple in his chin too?


Those lips....that chin! He is beautiful! Xo


I have to say that Gabriel is a very beautiful baby and no mistaking that he is definitely a boy. Lovely old school classic baby shawl and pillow slip. Corey you’re going to be scanning the brocante for everything Bebe XX

Rosemary F.(roses) madrigale

Italians truly believe a woman is born to be a nonna..oh how wonderful..What a bello bambino..I remember staying up last July to watch the wedding..Happiness to you..

ann w

Baby Gabriel is adorable, many congratulations to all the adoring family - such a very special time for all.

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