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09 August 2019


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That's a lovely dream. Perhaps Sacha will be returning to the southern France, northern Italy area and you will be able to see him more often.
(I just looked at a map out of curiosity and was surprised to see that actually Verona lies latitudinally north of Provence! I didn't realize that.)

What a special dream and to feel Annie's eternal love and support is amazing.

Dreams are our soul's communication to our conscious - not all dreams but I really think the dream you describe our the true connection we have with people who we love or hold dear....this is such a beautiful encounter....very real indeed!

Powerful. Loved reading all your stories with Annie; so wished to have met her ... many transitions in this short life of ours.

Precious. The love of a true friend goes deep, and lasts a lifetime.

You and Annie, such a magnificent writing team. Beautiful dream story!

I love your stories of Annie and all the joy she brought you and continues to do so in your dreams.
God bless you Corey. I too am much better at hello's than a good bye.
I always say see you soon never good bye.
Love Jeanne

How very strange! In my half sleep this morning I was thinking that it would have been so very nice for Annie to have been there for the arrival of the new baby! I guess she is!

Sweet dreams!

Sweet to hear re Annie. We all miss her.

How great to hear a new story about Annie. I believe firmly that when loved ones who have passed visit us in dreams, it's really them, not just wishful thinking. I hope someday perhaps you'll create a book of all your Annie stories, including this one. I think it would be a beautiful tribute to a beautiful relationship, illustrated with your photos taken over the years of you and her.

I was just thinking of Annie a couple of days ago. I'm glad to hear that she came to visit you in your dreams.

How wonderful, an Annie dream. We all miss her so much.

so lovely, Corey. I’m glad you could dream of your dear friend.


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