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12 August 2019


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Won't Yann shampoo your hair for you?

Great picture! You both look so chic!

I remember asking my fella to please wash my hair after my wrist surgery. Oh the drama! You’d have thought he was doing brain surgery. I never asked again and learned how to wash my hair after that .😊. Hope you are having less pain and noticing more healing everyday.

Cute picture! Wishing you less wrist pain and swelling with each day. My son had two sprains to the same wrist and the second time was more severe. First injury took several weeks, second injury took several months for the ligaments to knit back together. Hoping you find you are on the mend soon!

I met a very nice woman at one of my dad's doctor appointments that had wrist surgery and couldn't wash her hair-she went to the beauty school three times a week...she still goes to this day....you are so right what we take for granted.... the smallest of tasks - the beauty ease of the ordinary … a lesson well remembered for all of us!

Hope everything heals quickly. You need that hand to hold onto sweet little Gabriel! He will be walking before you know it. They grow so quickly! Good luck.

You must learn the tuck and roll. I learned it after too many falls while walking my dogs. It's something that will come in handy as you age.

Great picture and very sorry about your accident. Just like in skiing, you have to learn how to fall without injury. When I took ski lessons, that was one of the first thing we learned, how to fall and how to get up. Alan's comment is so funny, tuck and roll.

Any chance of going to a salon a couple of times a week? Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery.

You look so glamorous. Anything I can do to help?

Beautiful couple!
Get well soon Corey!
Lots of love ❤️

I remember getting my husband to colour my hair when I could not do it. The drama. He did a better job than I would have done.
Heal quickly.

Continued prayers for healing and humor!

Oh I’m so sorry! Heal quickly. I broke my right wrist and had to learn to use my left hand - especially challenging when drawing on my eyebrows! And yes you realize how lucky you are that it’s not permanent, and for great doctors & nurses and a wonderful husband!!

Great picture of the 2 of you!

Thinking of you! I had foot surgery and hubby had to do a lot of things. It was a long month😏 but I couldn’t have made it without him!!

Oh NOoooooo! I’m so sorry! Sprains can be worse than breaks. Take those pain meds for a bit and keep it elevated above your heart for a few days to decrease any swelling.
Feel better soon!

After decades of marriage..when I too was limited due to an accident..I learned the devasting truth...RJRK can not wash hair!
In 1786 Thomas Jefferson was ordered to the South of France after he broke his arm and wrist in Paris.
He found himself entering Old Provence by going over the Pont St. Esprit bridge...the rest and the sun did it's trick as I hope will happen for you.

Catching up with you online and I want to say that Gabrielle is the MOST adorable baby! So very sorry about your injury. Its hard to face that we are not as young as we once were. Besides we are Gramdmothers😉 Best Wishes, Dave & Teresa

Can one find a positive in an injury received while dancing? That could be quite a "reach" (pun intended), but if anyone can, you will. I hope your recuperation period will be brief and painless.

Just think, you can now ask someone to wash your hair and massage your scalp with no guilt! Enjoy just cuddling Gabrielle. Before you know it, you will be caught up in other activities again.

You both look stunning here! May your wrist heal quickly. Thinking of you as you get through the recovery period.

Take care, sweet "friend", and heal quickly!!

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