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13 August 2019


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He is such a dumplin'.

Corey, I get compliments all the time on my gray/white hair. No one ever complimented my dyed hair.

Pretty baby. Your hair will look great I bet.

Corey! Hello from a long lost friend! I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist. Ugh. But so delighted to have found you and see your sweet family and grandson! I’ll put my email address below....maybe we can chat sometime...some much to catch up on! Julia B

PS - For what it’s worth: I let my hair go grey about 2 years ago and have no regrets. :-)

That baby is SO cute! I've always said you are "folically gifted ;) so I'm betting you'll be one of those ladies who has gorgeous silver hair.

Love the picture! And I'm sure you will look great with white hair!

Corey, I let my hair grow out to natural gray 3 years ago. It took a solid year before I recognized myself in the mirror and didn't debate weekly whether to dye it back. But, I persevered and am so thankful to be done with all that dye now! I get more compliments on the gray, too. You can do it! We're cheering for you!💕

Corey, you will look lovely because of the light that shines from within. Truly!

I pray you feel better every day. Be sure and take it easy.

I have very much enjoyed your stories & photos detailing your journey over the years... not the broken wrist - ouch! I hope you are soon better. I also am a first time grandmother, Rio Mikel was born May 29th - love her beyond words. My frizzy wild hair is its natural white and it is me. Perfect for my new role. Enjoy your wonderful grandson.

I think white hair will look great on you! Go for it! Your role models are Helen Mirren and Carmen dell'Orifice:


They both look great. Carmen looks better now than when she was a young brunette model.

There are so many on Instagram transitioning to their natural silver/white/gray hair.
Look up #grombre and #silversisters
It’ll look great!

I hope you have a speedy recovery. You are such an encouragement to others! Thank you for your blog and your way of looking at life and love.
I think your hair will be beautiful! You have such pretty hair and I have a feeling it will be gorgeous. I have natural hair and since it has turned white, I receive many more compliments than before it turned. If you are unhappy with it, you can always color it again!
Gabriel is beautiful and I still think he looks like Chelsea! You are in my thoughts for a quick, complete recovery! xo

Yeah, going grey has got to be easier than nursing a dinged wrist! There is a lot of stuff on the net and blog posts from folk who have transitioned. They still have moments of reservation, but it is just a matter of adjusting and then enjoying the easier care and saving of endless money on hair colouring. I am getting more silver hairs coming through now I just turned 60, so I will have to make that choice at some stage...so I will look to you for inspiration...which you are already when I check out your good words each day. That boy baby looks more delicious every day... Greetings from New Zealand...

Go Corey! It’s liberating!
Hoping your arm will heal quickly so you can hold that darling boy.

You will love your hair, but the growing out struggle is real. There is an entire community of ladies to support you on Facebook’s The Gray Book.
Baby Gabriel is darling!

I am 61 and grew out the gray over 13 years ago...it was and is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself. And like some of the others have said, I never received a compliment on my dyed hair, Cant even count the amount of compliments received on the gray grow out, at least one or two every week since. And think of all the money you'll save. Your going to look even more beautiful! Stay strong!

Oh Corey yay; so pleased that you’re trying out going a la natural. You are going to look fabulous...it’s the best thing I did and love my my fifty shades of grey. Funny how many people ask who colours my hair? I tell them God lol. Sorry to hear that you’ve damaged your wrist, hoping for a speedy recovery. XX

Having become dizzy for 1.5 days right after coloring my hair, this chemist gave it up 1 yr ago at 59 and am almost totally grey now and happy.Corey, you can wear brighter colors! And fun, colorful earrings & makeup! There's a certain freedom with fashion that comes with grey hair also. Check out the Advanced Style blog by Ari Cohen for pics and wonderful women. What a little dumpling of a baby. Congratulations!

Corey baby Gabriel is the sweetest butterball ever!

You are beautiful regardless of hair color. Looking forward to the journey.

Love you and tongue in cheek. Please add prayers from Western Massachusetts.

So sorry to hear of your wrist mishap. Perhaps transformative along with the hair. New chapters are so exciting. White will be beautiful!

don't give up dancing when you are in the mood, perhaps bad for the wrist but
good for the soul. As a blond it's easier to get grey.

I totally agree with everything you said; you are so right...like being a whole new you.

Glad your wrist is a bit better. My hair isn’t grey - it’s arctic blond!

Good luck going white. I actually love being white, but then again I never dyed mine. Hope the wrist is feeling better each day.

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