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11 August 2019


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Said a prayer and will trust God for your injury to heal quickly 🙏

Oh my gosh Corey! Not the same wrist :( I hope you're right handed. I'm so sorry to hear this...

I'm relieved that at least it's not rebroken, but I feel so sorry for your pain (which I hope subsides quickly). I hope everyone waits on you hand and foot!

Speedy recovery, Corey.
Hope you feel better and heal quickly real soon.

Oh no!!! Hope you heal quickly! Sending healing thoughts~

So sorry!! It must be so uncomfortable.

Oh, I'm so sorry this happened! Sure hope it heals quickly!

Chère Corey, oh je suis désolée, une bonne récupération, vite et souple !!!

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I got some idea of how painful a wrist injury can be when I saw my young father cry for the only time in my life just after he had fallen down a grassy hill that was slippery with dew and broken his wrist. Fortunately, it healed fully and allowed him to go on to a brilliant career as a physician and surgeon. I did have an experience that led to a warning about the presence of hardware that had been inserted to fixate a fracture. At some point after a plate and many screws and pins were inserted to fixate four breaks in my left ankle and leg bones, a physician warned me to do all I could to avoid any injury to that area, in part because of problems that the presence of that hardware could cause. Six years after the hardware's insertion, when it was no longer necessary for fixation purposes, I had it removed for several reasons, including (but not primarily) that warning. Best wishes for swiftly regaining your ability to hold Gabriel with no discomfort, Leslie

Golly, that is very bad news....just a relief there is no further breaks.....when you broke your wrist originally, my husband did the same thing while working in Sweden....we live in NZ! So he had an operation in Sweden and his wrist is similarly full of metal....so I remember how much pain there was for you and for him. I can only hope you heal quickly...probably tricky holding that gorgeous bundle of baby Gabriel, but at least tickling his toes and chin with the other hand will take your mind off the pain! Heal soon and well...warm wishes from New Zealand...

With much love and many blessings dear one.
Healing hugs.
My thoughts and prayers are with you always
Love Jeanne

O dear Corey. I’m so sorry about this happening to you. Sending you love and healing light❤️ Deb

Oh Corey, I’m sorry to hear this, but will pray for good and fast healing. Those wild dance moves will get you every time.

Have not had that happen but can only imagine the pain. I hope it subsides soon and you heal quickly so you can hold that bundle of joy. Sending healing thoughts.🌺

Oh that’s the worst. I’m so sorry for the pain. Take care of u❣️

I haven't had anything like that happen, but I wanted to validate that sprains are painful. My daughter was a competitive gymnast, and her coaches and doctors always commented on how painful a sprain could be and that it could take longer in some cases to heal than a clean break. I know it must break your heart at this particular time to be dealing with this injury.

I am so very sorry, Corey. Sending you healing energy and hugs. Take care.💕

This sounds horrific and I can see your fingers are swollen. I'm so sorry and hope you don't have to have surgery to repair the pin that appears to have twisted.

OHHH Cory - prayers you can quiet the pain...

I am so sorry this happened to you! But on the upside, you did this while you were looking all glamorous, dancing like a Diva and doing one of your “awesome “ dance moves!!! Not like my neighbor who stepped into a shallow 5” hole broke her leg and as she was falling and tried to brace her fall, broke the other leg. I would take a Party fall anytime over a backyard dirt hole fall!!! I pray for a speedy healing!

Poor you. So sorry to read about your mishap. Thank goodness you have another arm to hold Gabriel.

So sorry to hear about your injury! ☹️ Wishing you a speedy and pain free recovery! 🌹

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