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14 September 2019


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You have every aspect of a fabulous life this handful of shots! Delicious food, beautiful scenery, lovely friendship, interesting bits and bobs.
Joie de vivre with French la vie!
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Corey I literally laughed out loud and even again when I was recounting the picture to d -yann wearing the night shirt-that fit him perfectly it showcased his legs....so funny!

Which brocante was this? My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the vintage lace.

What are the indigo blue and white dyed fabrics? They look cool! Love the picture of you looking back in the mirror. ;-)

But I want that Louis XVI chair and the chandelier on it. Wish they could be teleported like Star Trek and land in my living room.

Actually, I thought Yann looked truly wonderful in the white garment above, when he modeled it in one of your IG Stories. On him, it could be a very chic (men's) tunic (and no joke).

The garlic brings back memories of our late next-door neighbor, a guy who lived to garden (and raised a vegetable plot of more than an acre every year!).

He was sort of our "Annie," in terms of teaching us more about raising food. He always raised a sizable garlic crop, which he'd dry for home use the rest of the year. We sure miss his company when we go outside.

You have such an incredible eye for gorgeous photographs. You really should be a professional photographer girl! Think about comprising them into a lovely book as they are truly artful and wonderful. Merci!

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