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12 September 2019


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Yes, company is a lot of work but it sure gets a house in order.

Just sayin', I just bought my first steam mop for our tile and wood floors. I love it. Very simple, picks up dirt, washes floor and no trips to sink with mop. Easy. Why didn't I have one 'till now?

Those caned bed frames are tdf (to die for)! Bathroom chandelier pretty sweet too!

I must say that every time I see that you are preparing for one of these groups, I think of how much work it is for you to prepare! I know you love hosting, and your guests are the luckiest people to be the recipients of your limitless energy! But oh my back hurts for you at the thought of mopping the floors....

If I could, I would offer to come over and be your 'femme de chambre' before they arrive, if I could tag along for part of the brocanting.

Having fun is hard work!

I recently got one too, after reading about it from a savvy blogger - agree, it's so much more efficient and quick than mopping!

Oh, I want that heart shaped dish with holes in the second photo. Let me know.

Beautiful! But lots of work, yes. I adore your passion.

A practical question: HOW do you put a candle on that candle holder with a spike? Does the spike go through it? Does it break the candle?

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