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22 September 2019


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Enjoying your blog each day, I'd never think you have writer's block. Your posts are always of value to me, whether it's a photo or a thought. You said you're an introvert (who loves to be with people) and so am I, and I find that I definitely need alone-time to let things settle and to be creative. Just some time when there are no expectations and I can relax and do nothing and think.

Maybe writers block, maybe a shift in life perceptions. It will all unfold in time.

Corey, I can empathize, because I occasionally have that problem with my translating. Sometimes it's just fatigue, or the need to do something different for a change (variety being the spice of life!).

I sometimes refer to small projects I pursue in the midst of being bogged down on big ones as my "palate cleanser"!

Happy to float along with ya. If you have a block, I've never noticed. I think the randomness makes your blog all the more interesting!

Could be as a grandmother, things are different for you. Priorities change and basically life does not stand still and is constantly evolving. However, you may be on overdrive and need a vacation. Visiting your mom for Thanksgiving will recharge you. I would say not writers block as much as you need a break to catch up and reflect. We all need down time.

You were my introduction to blogs years ago and I still love visiting you here. I know on my blog some weeks now I just post 2 or 3 times a week instead of the 5 I dedicated to for so long, but then an inspiration comes along and I am thankful for a format to take pictures and write. Love whatever you do.

Totally agree

Don’t over think. We all have a block of some sort! Relax. A new season is coming! With love, Diana

Same for me!

In reply to Diogenes and LeighNZ!

Definitely not writer's block. Just time getting shorter time of life.💖

Your posts almost always make me smile and feel happy. Even your sad posts are so full of love and poignancy and give meaning to life. And your handsome, cut-up husband — and you, still girlish and full of fun. I love you!

I enjoy your blog every day, even if it's just a beautiful picture with a caption. I'm so happy things are going well for you but I am also so grateful that you choose to share a little piece with us. You are who I want to be when I grow up. <3

Corey, I never noticed a writer's block, maybe just shorter blogs. But, your life has changed a lot in the last couple of years - Chelsea's wedding, Sasha moving away, Baby Gabriel. It's a lot of life changes - and they all relate to the heart! This happens in life as it moves forward. Our children grow up and leave the nest, grandbabys come along. Our perspective and priorities change. Just go with the flow and know that it's natural and maybe you should make some slight modifications to what you have done in the past. You have new priorities now, your family is growing. Love to you and yours.

In the past few months, I have felt that your writing has been exceptionally poignant. The words put to today's feelings are a vivid example. You are a woman with so many talents and options for using them, that, naturally, where to go next in your life must be a "blessed conundrum." Whatever you do will become so apparent when things happen there will be no doubt and all the steps will be "the next right thing." In the meantime enjoy every quiet and every busy moment of every day. Sent with love and thanks.

I am coming late to this party, but just wanted to say that maybe it's just not the season. Maybe it's a different season of marveling in all that is and all that will be. Maybe it's your season to drink and to not be the one pressing the grapes. Regardless, your spirit still resonates within me and brings me joy. xoxo

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