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10 January 2020


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I love Marrakesh!! I hope you will go to La Mamounia to have a drink, or just a look around! I loved staying there years ago with some girlfriends. What an amazing treat that was!!

That is the life! To travel to Marrakesh to buy the right rug.

The colors are so incredibly rich! That mosaic of plates in hte last picture is wonderful.

Yes, please elaborate.

Oh, the eye-popping color!!! I wonder if the colors are so bright because the sun is so brilliant? Thank you for this post.

So many delights.

What a beautiful place to stay. The colors there are amazing! Enjoy!

Heading to Marrakech in April for a week. 2nd visit. El Fenn's boutique, Majorelle Gardens, 33 rue Majorelle, a guided tour day out of town, Al Fassia restaurant, well, I made it to as many of the suggestions in a HIP Paris blog as I could and will repeat much again. Did you get to Souk des Tapis, as it is also mentioned in the HIP Paris blog article? I also just stumbled across this article: https://www.butterfield.com/blog/2019/03/06/best-shops-in-marrakech/


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