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07 February 2020


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I too kept my name when I married and my son was given my husband's last name. Though I bowed to that tradition, I have come to believe that women will be treated with more equality when children take either the mother's or the father's surname and there isn't a preference or a tradition. I've heard people say they are happier to have a son than a daughter because he'll carry on the 'family name'.

Love to you, Corey Amaro.

Both my sisters kept their names when they married in the 90s. Their enfants terribles/little angels (depending on the day) use the father's surname.

I kept my name too.

Amaro...does it mean something about "love" in Portuguese? How fitting...

I took my husband's name (70's),and our daughters took their father's name, but our younger daughter,though happily married, gave her daughter and son her/our surname in order to carry the name forward for atleast one more generation, otherwise the name would not continue in our branch of the family.

Both my husband and I took the same last name, which consisted of both our original surnames joined with a hyphen. We gave our children the same hyphenated surname, because we wanted everyone in our family to have the same last name. I'm glad that we were allowed (under the law) to make those choices and am amazed at how many women still automatically take their spouse's last name when they marry.

When I was a child, I could not understand why my mother and her sister had different names. When mom explained it to me, I became very upset. Why in the world did I have to change my name? I vowed then that I never would, and I never did. It's my name, part of my identity.


I happily took Farmboy Husband's last name when we married; after all, I CHOSE HIM! Besides, it was still the custom for most American women back then, so there was no objection from my family.

It was only decades later that I discovered that my maiden name was the anglicized version of my grandfather's Portuguese middle name. In other words, it wasn't really my family name anyhow (it didn't even start with the same letter!).

If my family had stayed in the Azores, I'd probably have been named Catarina Henriques, with my husband's surname added on.

i find this subject fascinating as to the whys and whereto ….. I have not married and do not believe I would have changed my name but who is to say on

I also use my own name and I gave my son my name as his middle name. No hyphen needed. Nobody should be required to give up their family name. That said, I am okay with those that choose to use only their married name. It is a personal choice.

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