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23 February 2020


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They continue on from many. When prayers go up blessings come down.
Love and prayers for you all
Especially Marty.
Love Jeanne

I will add my "amen" and my testimony that prayer is real and it WORKS! I understand God is in control, but the way I look at it is that I love it when someone offers to help me with my work, or at least encourages me through to the end, I am sure God does also! Faith precedes the miracle and can change many things! I will continue to pray for him, his team, and of course all of your family.

Positive thoughts, prayers and love continue to be sent from here .
I could feel the prayers you were sending for me recently. They continue to be working💕💕💕 your messages of comfort also meant so very much. Thank you.

The day of my mastectomy surgery for breast cancer, I felt amazing calm and peace. I knew it was because I felt God's presence with me and felt the power of the many prayers that were being said on my behalf that day. It was a day that should have been one of the very most stressful of my life, yet I felt comfort and wrapped in God's care. It is hard to even describe. I will continue to pray for Marty. May God's healing touch and care rest on him and on his family as you all walk with him through this.

Continuing daily prayers for your family.

Oh Corey how true. When our son died, almost 4 years ago, it was incredible. Yes, it is something that can't be seen, but boy do you FEEL IT. We had an amazing out pouring of support and the strength it provided just when we needed it most can only be attributed to our wonderful Heavenly Father. May your brother be comforted by this truly unexplained miracle called Faith.

Yes, I’ve felt it. There is a calmness that takes over. Prayers continued.

I love EVERY single comment written above I love your visual drawn-applying them where needed wrapping around him like a huge healing blanket...I read Saint Faustina's autobiography many years ago actually before Divine Mercy was fully a church sanctioned feast anyway one of the things revealed to her in one of her many visions/conversations with Jesus is the point in the mass -our Eucharistic Celebration - when the bread is raised before the congregation the bell rings signaling the greatness the inconceivable happening bread becoming HIS BODY-and again when the cup is raised and the wine becomes HIS BLOOD it is then the fountain of mercy is opened and our prayers are ever present (they always are present true) yet I have taken this practice to heart and at each mass I remind OUR FATHER the promises made and tonight corey I could feel Marty you your mom his wife and all of you in a very comforting way...the petitions fell off my lips -and again as the chalice was raised and normally I offer that for all those gathered with me but tonight it was all Amaro….with each breath I unite my petitions my pleadings my supplications with all those being offered for this very special intention-you have a beautiful community one I am so grateful to be a part of ….love and prayers to all!

When you wrote of your father’s last days, it taught me things I needed to know years later when my mother was dying. I have been so deeply grateful to you. And now I will be praying daily for your brother, his family and you and your mother. Daily. Lord, have mercy.

Much love,

Happy to help in this tiny way and grateful that it brings you a bit of comfort. Continuing daily prayers for Marty and your family.

Thinking of you all...

Continued prayers for Dear Marty and the family. Have felt the warmth also of prayers!

Praying with my candle. I know that each flicker is energy on its way from San Francisco to Marty and to you all in Willows and all the beautiful space surrounding you.


Prayer is an amazing and powerful gift! I will continue to send daily prayers, love and healing thoughts to Marty, you and yours, dear Corey.

With you, your brother and family in thoughts and spirit every day. xx

Prayer and medical science together do bring healing. My belief is it is in God's hands. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

how blessed your brother Marty is to have you there to offer support, love. security and comfort in his time of need. praying that you, your brother and family can remain physically and spiritually strong. xo

Of course I believe in prayers. If I didn’t, what would be the sense of praying?! Every thought, every prayer, every kind gesture towards Marty will reach his soul, maybe not heal him but heal his heart, ease his mind’s torment, set his soul to peaceful being.
Apart from countless proofs that prayers work I discovered another ‘thing’. When in bed, my mind usually goes on relentless - never mind how tired my body, head and brain are. I now concentrate on just ONE sequence of breathing per time, I’m not going to say: I’m now breathing calmly for 20’ and then I’ll fall asleep. I concentrate on the oNE breather, feel the breath climbing up and down my body, to the toes, the finger tips, into my sides, up to the brain - and I’m calmer in the shortest time. I realised that I stressed myself further by ‘having to breathe in a certain way’,... Just one breather a time - calmly, one prayer at the time, one good thought at the time.
Blessings on you and yours.

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