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04 February 2020


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Happy Birthday sweet one.
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Happy Birthday Corey - I'm celebrating 60 for 60 this year as I hit that milestone and am working on experiencing 60 special events - always lived in Columbus and am a life-long Ohio State football fan!

Happy Birthday Corey.I'll tell you 60 things about myself when we meet ;)

Happy birthday to you, dear heart. What a delightful “62” you have shared. Love to you.💕🎂💕

Happy Birthday, Corey!

And safe travels.

Happy birthday, my sweet friend. Reading you list only brings more questions. A few of them left me with my mouth open and a huge smile. I see 62 new blogs if you will expand on each subject.

Sang out of tune, bloomed late and brocante. We have those in common.

" accidentally got drunk as a kid from spiked punch" Sorry I couldn;t eb there to witness this! XOXO

Happy Birthday dear friend. Great post! I suspect every adventure is a full blog post of it's own:) As for me? Adopted 4 kids from China after age 40. Cared for 3 elderly relatives until the end of their lives, snuck into Cuba during the embargo (when Americans were banned,) escaped from the Sun Myong Moon cult,

I love this post and with all of my hear I sing out of tune to you on this day YOUR DAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR COREY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I road down a major highway topless in a baby blue monte carlo landeau with my best friend-my tangerine bra hung from the rearview mirror (it made sense then) - cut school got caught there were only 42 girls in my class had to spend all day Saturday in a classroom by myself-the funny thing is no one else cut like they were suppose to I took the bus down to a neighborhood we used to go to and spent the day in the library- flew to mexico with my boyfriend and told my mom I was in New Jersey I gave away all the souvenirs I purchased on the plane they felt tainted-I cannot sing but I love to nor can I dance but I love to life is funny HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY!

Happy Birthday dear Corey!
It's a wonderful life.

Happy birthday, fellow American. I love your writing, your wit, your creativity and your philosophies. I think you're right: can't comment or read comments on Safari but Firefox works fine. About me: four c-sections, thank God they invented them! VBAC's did not work tho I tried for DAYS!!I now have four 30 somethings (and two grandboys) and I am happy. Grandparenthood knows no bounds when it comes to love. I come from a big Catholic family and didn't go that route with religion for my kids. But faith is faith. My name is Karen; my twin sister's name is Sharon and she lives in Paris on a boat. I went to art school in London and worked in fine art for a decade before children. Have since run an interior design business for nearly 30 years...about to retire to Martha's Vineyard (and Boston) with my best friend/husband of 40 years. We have a guest house that you are welcome to if you need time to rest and breathe in the ocean. I trust you have my e mail address as I have subscribed to your blog for many enjoyable years. Sending prayers and love.

Bom aniversário, Corey!

Happy Birthday Corey! I live in CA, love France, have followed your blog since your kids were still living at home, went to Willows for your dad's memorial and was stunned by the outpouring of love from the community, didn't talk to you then because it didn't seem like the time. I'm a retired art director and now a fine art painter. And my 66th birthday is in a couple of weeks. You're just a spring chicken!

That is quite a list. Wow! Mother Teresa, how wonderful! Happy Birthday to you. Have an extra special year.

Happy Birthday Corey!
I too met Mother Teresa, awesome experience
worked on a Presidential Campaign
married my soulmate
went to Disneyland in Oct
went to a Celine Dion concert in Ceasar's Palace in May
long ago met Sandra Day O'Conner when she first became a Supreme Court Justice, went to a George Harrison concert
hiked the Grand Canyon
learned to sew
buy/sell antiques
went to an Elvis Presley concert
spent every Spring Break in Guaymas or Matzalan - so fun
got a degree, got a master's
worked in several global companies
took ballroom dancing lessons
play golf
collect too many things to list

Hope you are well Corey. Take Care.

Was locked inside the Los Angeles County Jail during a riot once.....but, would really love to have the opportunity to select one of your 62 items and ask you to elaborate.

Only see this now - happy belated birthday, although I fear it wasn't that much of a happy day with the (family, mum?) sorrows you noted before.... Anyway, maybe in a few weeks/months you'll want to read all the good wishes and take them in.
Wishing you continuing joie de vivre, much strength, even more love and What in French sounds so much better than any other language: LACHER PRISE (let it go)
Sending love, always, Kiki

Dear Corey, happy belated birthday! I thought of you, and wanted to be sure to post this message, but the day got away from me . . . I am sure you understand.
I hope your day was very special and safe travels home.
Thinking of you.

Trying to share in...

Mother of two adorable rascals.

Carried the Virgin Mary on my shoulders when taking part to a «pardon» in Brittany by chance.

Got a phone call from my son (then a teenager) after his being bullied and mugged on a local train.

Spent one year in Northern England as a teacher in French.

Went to the cinema twice to watch «Star Wars» and fell asleep both times.

Took a «midnight swim» (= «skinny dipped» ?) with my boyfriend (now my husband) in Spain and therafter spent 3 hours walking about the beach searching hopelessly for our clothes in the dark.

Had to leave our house for 10 days because of a very serious flood - with sick husband and blind old dog.

Got drunk on my first time as a grape-picker on a farm and spoke fluent Spanish all night in the girls’ dormitory, but I could not utter one single word the next day.

Adopted a dog that was flown from the Isle of Réunion.

Throughout my teaching career, had to report 2 suspected cases of sexual abuse to the Public Prosecutor.

Danced on the stage with singer Yannick Noah at one of his concerts. Under my daughter’s eyes who could not possibly believe it.

Was blocked for 2 hours in an elevator at hospital. Together with a pregnant and claustrophobic young lady plus a pessimistic (very) old lady commenting out loud every single second of the situation. The emergency call button was out of order.

Was asked to be a translator at a local small rugby club that received an English team. Very little to do. Officials and players did not say much but did the show after the match.

A pupil’s father turned up one morning at school. A lorry driver. Asked me to teach his 8 year old boy to obey his mum while he himself was away on roads.

Escorted my daughter when she went round abandoned and gloomy buildings to make photographs.
Her driver. Her assistant. Her lookout. And her partner in illegal actions.

Brought several pupils unable to read towards effective reading through dance.

Had to turn into an adult overnight, when my mother died. She was 37. I was 18.

Was called out in the garden by my two kids as a young deer had ended up in our garden, panic-struck.

Ended up in a pub in Stornaway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Met a lovely Scotsman - in a kilt. Was determined to check on that tradition about what was to be found under a man’s kilt. Talked and laughed and drank the night away… Had a smashing time but forgot all about my goal.


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