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18 March 2020


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Love this, thank you.

Speaking with my daughter in law just yesterday, she brought up that yes, there are financial concerns, concerns for her husband, my son, who has CVID (zero immunities) and still must work in and with the public during this time; however, she is choosing to see this as a gift for her family. No distractions, no swim meets or skateboard parks, no community events, or even church, but time alone in their dedicated space to "be". A time for reconnecting and slowing down, to be still, to feel the quiet, to teach and learn from each other, about school, about God, about life. To learn new recipes, cuddle in the middle of the day, laugh late at night and just be together without outside influence. A gift.

Words to live by right now! Amen

A very grounding piece to read - with a positive perspective. Thank you.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see a baby boom this November .....😉 just sayin’ ♥️

my sister said this right out of the gate neighbors are out with their children...slow cooking is happening looking at and being in nature as spring brings her beautiful head up...and so much more.....love this !

Loved this ! Thank you for sharing

Thi is is well said! I’ve noticed neighbors being more friendly, offering to help fellow neighbors. The kids are hollering, riding their bikes. Their parents are in groups...6 ft from one another, laughing and glad to be outside and seeing their kids use up some energy. More dog owners and their dogs walking by than ever before. People genuinely asking “Are you okay”? Then actually waiting and listening for an answer. More eye contact! I’ve heard that there is a campaign to encourage people to put their Christmas lights back up to cheer one another up! A radio station played Oh Holy Night this morning, I really listened to the words and got teary (and thankful).

I, too, experience greater friendliness and caring for each other as well. We are all experiencing uncharted territory. There are no exceptions. An interesting and learning dynamic. In my opinion, we will come out of this better people.

I also think the virus has it's meaning...cause and impact

I love all you share with us
Blessings for you all and for our world and all of us

I think we will all make the best of this, in whatever way we can. But unlike some other folks, I cannot see a blessing anywhere in this situation we are in when I consider the suffering and death involved in this pandemic. So many beloved, vulnerable people at risk, and so much suffering perhaps yet to come.
I am full of reflection, and grateful for this.....but I can't bring myself to feel positive feelings for myself just because I have some time off, or because the family gets to spend quality time together. I feel a dread for others that won't allow me to consider this an exercise in fun...or self satisfaction. Sorry. Take care all.

Thank you Corey. This was a BEAUTIFUL post. One we all need to read.

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