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30 March 2020


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Awww, it's great that they keep journals for each other. :)

He’s definitely your son. Beautiful writing, beautiful soul.

How beautiful! This uncertain, strange, isolating time. It can be heartbreaking to be separated in more ways than one, but can also bring a greater depth & insight. A trillion stars to see & explore.

Corey, you must be feeling so relieved now that Sacha is nearby, and that if all goes well you'll be able to get together in a finite period of time. Abraços, Kathie.

Love letters straight from the heart keep us so near when apart.
Distance is just a measure to see how far love can travel.
I love all you share.
Love is all you need

This is absolutely wonderful.

I drove from Portland to Placerville, Calif, several years ago, and I loved the scenery. Especially Mount Shasta!

God bless your son, his girlfriend, and the whole family!

God bless your brother xx

Love, sweet love.

I am glad Sacha is near to you and you know he is safe. Sending love , prayers, strength and comfort, dear friend.

Sasha writes beautifully. The writing gene is strong in your offspring for sure. I can easily visualize the surroundings as he drives south to Willows.
And I’m so glad he is self isolating, yet close by.

Reading this I look forward some day to another live stream RB/Amaro wedding. The love he feels for his Italian girlfriend is tangible.

Blessings and prayers for you all continue.

Sigh. Sigh again. Beautiful. Please thank Sasha for giving permission to share this. Glad to know he will be near enough to hug soonish. xoxo

Sacha, not Sasha.

a beautiful emotional letter

Lovely. Thank you for sharing your family, and thank you to your family for allowing it. So much beauty and inspiration from each of you. xoxox Kate

Swooning here...beautiful beautiful love letter...and the best picture to accompany it.
Love, Judy

How beautiful. He has your way with words. Can you drive near each other for a wave? Love and prayers to all of you and all of us🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕

Oh Corey,
He has your way with words and images. What a treasure of a man for Elena.

WOW, he has a way with words just like his mama. Beautifully descriptive, has Sasha thought of writing seriously...he certainly has your talent. Looks like Sasha and Elena has found one another. Did you ever tell us how they met? XX

Sweet, poetic Sasha.

Wow- Takes after his mother! Beautiful writer! So fortunate to find someone like Elena!

Merci Sasha!
Tes mots d’amour touchent mon cœur esprit mon corps...je me souviens... l’amour si précieuse si important...une personne adorée...quel bonheur !
Tout le bonheur pour vous
Tina xxx
Merci Corey !!

Sacha has your tremendous gift for writing Corey. Thank you both for sharing this beautiful uplifting post. Stay healthy. Xoxo

What a beautiful love letter. Sacha is a gifted writer too! Such a test of their love this time is.
Thank you to Sacha for letting you share it with us.Be well, Corey.

Elena is one lucky gal!

So beautiful. Thank you Sacha for allowing us to share a small part of your life.

This Italian loves the way u write; like mama, like son!

You must be elated to have him close. Wishing Elena and Sacha all the very best. Sweet, sweet love. xo

How beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes to feel the emotion behind the words.

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks to you and Sacha for sharing a peek into his world of love. It brings personal memories of young love.

So very beautiful.

I give me chills and tears for the tenderness of his letter. I hope soon they can be together. It is so special that he is near you now.

Oh my! Sacha gets his writing ability from you! What a beautiful page from his journal....so descriptive and
heartfelt... So glad that he is nearby his family during this difficult time...it won’t be long Sacha before you are
in the arms of your family’s warm embrace...you really already are....
Love to all of you in Wilows and beyond!🙏💕🎈

He has your gift with words.

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