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20 March 2020


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Dear Corey,
I was wondering how the French branch of your family was doing, thank you for updating about them. They're in my prayers. I've never told you but I live in a care home now. I have physical disabilities and couldn't live on my own any longer. Now that the pandemic is upon us, we also are in lock down and can't leave our rooms. I have a roommate, a lovely lady of 84 years. Before the quarantine, her daughter used to come to see her every single day. But now visitors are not allowed to come in. So we've solved the problem in part. Every day the daughter calls me with facetime on iphone and I take my phone over to my roommate so she and her daughter can see each other. Each time they do, both of them visibly begin to glow. This is a wonderful thing to see! If we must be separated physically during this pandemic, at least we have electronic ways to connect and see the faces and hear the voices of those we love. We're fortunate in that way. Sending good vibes to you and all your family.

Oh, Corey! I feel so bad for you! Hang in there! You are a gift to everyone! We love you!

God bless your family, and us all! Continued prayers!

Thank you so much for the update. It's good that everyone is safe, but so hard to be apart. Sending you love, always.

Thank you for updating us. These times are not easy for any of us.
Praying for us all.
God bless you and all your family both near and away.
Much love and prayers continue always
Love Jeanne

I figured this was pretty much the situation for you, and hope you continue to stay safe. My heart goes out to Marty, and to all the wonderful medical professionals treating his illness in such a trying time. Abraços.

Thanks for the update Corey.

I thought this was a wonderful reminder from a subscription of one of my periodicals:

Almost nobody gets through life with just one giant to face.

Today the giant we all face is named COVID-19.

But if there is one thing David's victory over Goliath teaches us, it is that giants don't have the last word.

We also have the help of God. Sometimes that doesn't seem very tangible, but the experience of those who have trusted God and have been attacked by multiple giants is that God is somehow present. The real victory is found by trusting in Him to provide our deliverance from every giant we face.

My Dear Corey, thank you so much for the updates, we all care so very much. These are such strange times but together we will get through it. We must just hold on to the sweet thoughts of being back together loving, hugging, and helping one another again. Prayers and love, Cynthia

Dearest Corey...Thank you for the update on you and your family. I send you all love, continued prayers, hope and heartfelt positive thoughts. We will all do the best we can, supporting and loving each other at this time. Please know my heart is with your heart, friend.

Thank you for your update. As do so many others, I care about what's happening with your family.

Isabel, do you have someone calling YOU, too? If not, I will.

Corey - thank you for your strength.

Corey--I am so sorry you have to choose which family to be with at this time, but I am glad you can shelter with your mother. We are all where we are supposed to be. And what iof Belle Mere? Is she with family?

Thank Corey
God bless you and yours and your community of friends.

Now self isolating in Perth. It is not yet compulsory,but strongly recommended for seniors.

Thank you for the update, Corey. Continued prayers for Marty. Glad you are with your mother and the Willows gang but it must go so tough not having Yann, Chelsea, Martin, Gabriel and Sacha there too. It is like a ghost town in Seattle-except at grocery stores. God bless all of you.

Glad to hear you and your family are safe. Scary times in this world. I will send prayers and Gods love to surround you all in this difficult time. . Take care and God bless xo😘

We care, we feel this kinship with you, of sorts, because you share your heart with us, so generously.

Corey, it must be difficult to be separated - and yes, it's surely the hardest thing about living far away.

Continue to shine your light! I am glad you're there for your mom.

Prayers xx

In a way, it's fortunate that you made this trip to CA when you did. You'd be so worried about your mom and brother and Willows family. Your lovely family in France will be okay.
Would Sacha fly south or drive? My 23 yr old son is also in Seattle. He had a chance to come home to the Bay Area a few weeks ago and chose to stay in his apartment there. I'm hoping that was the right decision. (If he gets sick I'm sure I'll be in my car driving up there to fetch him pronto.)

Dear Corey, like “all of the above” I join in wishing you and your family and all of us good health...more we cannot ask...Bette Lee in Rd Bluff...

I love what i read today from the Pope...it 's on my blog....

you are all loved so well....
looking forward to a glorious reunion in a few months...

This virus is impacting everyone without exception. The isolation demand is difficult but necessary (we are told) to stop the virus spread. I am using Zoom to get together with others and it actually works very well. Zoom might be useful to bring your family together as well. Take care, Susan

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