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17 March 2020


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Wonderful that you are still with your Willows Family.....Mother Nature and God create so many uninspected diversions for us to be together...who would guess that a Virus could actually be a part of something GOOD....SO GOOFY, yet so metaphysical. Sending you and your Family here and at home in France BIG HUGS !!!

Happiest of birthdays to you Marty.
May you love and laugh heartily.

Sending huge hugs from Melbourne, Australia.
It's a small old world this one.


We celebrate you and your birthday, Marty. With full hearts, Leslie and my family 🎆🎇

Happy Birthday Marty! Blessings for a complete recovery, the Lord wants this for you! 🦋💖

Happy Birthday Marty!

How incredibly difficult all of this must be for all of you. Sending much love and prayers. God Bless Marty especially on his birthday!

Happy Birthday Marty.
May God bless you and your family.
Loving prayers and the very best of wishes.
Blessings always.
Ontario Canada

Celebrating you Dear Marty! Happy Birthday! Blessings, love and Gods Healing!

Great big hugs through the air waves to Marty on his birthday and wishes for a life full of love even while he can't have visitors. The universe is relaying all sorts of wonderfulness to him from all over the world.

WOW the big 60, Happy Birthday Marty!! Kia Kaha...Stay Strong XX

Happy 60th Birthday Marty!

How are we already hitting our 60th birthdays this year? Your wicked humor and kindness is a memory that stands our from our school years.

Sending love, hugs and prayers to you, Suzy and all your family.

Mary Hall

Happy birthday Marty from Houston Texas! Stay strong and funny, you are obviously loved by so many. Gods blessings and healing prayers sent to you and your wonderful family. 🙏🏼✨

Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to Marty. It's the new 45. Thanks for sharing the great photo above!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday Marty with prayers being offered for your healing.

Happy birthday dear Marty! Praying for your healing and that the treatments are a complete success..

Please, extend our birthday wishes and prayers to your brother Marty. I imagine your hopes and prayers are off in many directions, aimed at the many people you love. Prayers for Marty and his family for the courage to face his cancer treatments, prayers for your family in France so that they will stay healthy, prayers for your wee grandson because he is a wee one! You are strong and God is good. We stand with you.

Happy Birthday Marty! You were a St Patrick's Day baby? Here's to your healing and recovery! Best Wishes and Hopes!

My birthday wish for Marty is that he returns to good health. Medical science has made and continues to make great progress in the treatment and cure for many cancers. Wishing Marty all the best. No party this year but next year will be a double party. Here's to Marty.

The happiest of birthdays to you, Marty. Stay safe and strong. Holding you close and sending healing thoughts.

Happy Birthday to your dear brother! xoxo


Happy Birthday wishes coming to Marty! And wishes for more years to come.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday now, Marty -- and a belated birthday celebration once the pandemic's over.

Hello to you, Marty, from France, thinking of you and your family ! None of you know me, but I've been following Corey's blog for years now, and I just wanted to send you hugs and thoughts from Alsace-FRANCE.

Happy Birthday Marty!
You are loved by so many! What a gift!

May your brother, Marty, have a blessed birthday and feel the love and healing happening within him.

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