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21 March 2020


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Great idea. I write a weekly letter to several elderly friends and relatives. It's fun for them and fun for me.

Wonderful idea!!

Yes, put me on the list. I would love to write to a new friend

Corey I would love to be a part of this the writing letters etc and I remember Jackie above sharing how she wrote to some elderly friends before and was so moved by it ….sometimes you just don't know how to get such a ball rolling -and this is such a great way.....yes please count me in.

i felt sick thinking of isabel having no one and love your idea. im in. also pyaying for your dear brother and all your family.cheryl

I was thinking this same thing when reading Isabel’s comment and thought wouldn’t it be great if we could all mix and mingle online; after all we all must have a ton in common since we follow you.

I often wonder about some of the commenters on your blog and would love to learn more about them. I do keep in touch with the wonderful g and her sister Dee whom I me via your post comments. This is a great idea since we can no longer comment in reply to someone else’s comment so count me in too please. XX

What a wonderful idea. I will email you Corey and am happy to exchange letters with others.

Hi Corey, I'm touched that my story about my helping my roommate and her daughter to communicate via iphone has inspired you to want to contact people who may be lonely at this time. Surely many are. But I see at least one person saying she feels 'sick' that I, isabel, have "no one". I don't know where that idea came from. I'm sure I never said so. I said I help my roommate see and talk with her daughter during our isolation. I didn't say I am alone, lonely, or without loved ones. I know everything that has been said here comes from caring, but I think there is a misinterpretation of something I said. I said I have physical disabilities and can't live on my own. That doesn't mean I am without friends, loved ones, interests or passions. I have all of those and these days I use electronics often to communicate and stay involved. Which brings me back to the original point which was: aren't we fortunate we have this amazing technology of instant communication, at such a time as this?! Much love from the disabled but not lonely Isabel XOX

Please include me as a letter writer. Wonderful suggestion

Hope love and strength


Hi Corey
I would be happy to write to someone if you have the need for any more correspondees!

I am actually currently not too well myself, with some health issues, which is not my normal, so I have a bit more time on my hands for doing something useful and writing to someone is a good way to share across the miles…

Just let me know if I can be of help….. I have been reading your blog and enjoying it every day for many years now and I always feel a kindness and thoughtfulness oozing out of each and every one of your blog notes each day….


Great idea. Happy to write someone. BTW i commented on your post telling us about your family. So glad to know all are safe. Somehow i push the right buttons as it did t get published. So glad little Gabe is close to Papa even though they can hug. These are the times that test men’s souls. Xoxoxo

I would love to send someone a note or card to cheer them up. I am currently teaching via Google classroom and it is overwhelming to say the least. Hours of prep time, writing, think, searching, in order to make my students engaged and learning! Writing to someone would be a wonderful break from it all! Put me on your list.
Thank you,
Angela Vular

This is a wonderful idea! I would love to participate!

Thank you for this idea! I would be happy to write to others.

I love to write and send snail mail whenever I can. I love to buy beautiful cards to send to people. Please let me know if I can write to someone. My address is...
Suki Tutthill
PO Box 983
Murphys CA 95247

Wonderful idea Corey, blessings to you and your family

Throw me into the correspondent pool! You always seem to manage to make "lemons out of lemonade". My father and I used to communicate by snail mail whenever we lived far away from one another, and he wrote the most elaborate letters that he referred to "epistles". I miss him now, and his epistles, and would love for you to offer me an opportunity to make a connection with someone I don't know yet. My home address is:
Sue Matheson email:zushkart@aol.com
2602 Lakewest Dr.
Chico, CA 95928

Lovely idea Corey, thank you, please include me!

What a wonderful idea! I am ‘in’ as well!

Sounds Great! Count me in.

I have been sending out letters to others since this started. I would be glad to write to others who need a spark in their day. Just send me addresses (snail mail or email) and I’ll be glad to send out messages of joy!

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