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12 April 2020


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Wonderful that Sacha is there with you and your mom. And that Yann could be with Chelsea and all there.
It is strange times. I made Easter scones but other than that, it's not much like a holiday.
Great sadness for all those who have lost loved ones. An upside to this great pause might be for us to be reminded of what we value most.

Thank you for such a beautiful post! I and my family are safe happy and well. This Easter was amazing! We received communion and went to mass. We were in our cars in the parking lot of the church tuned into the radio station to hear the priest saying the mass in the church. He told us he had a surprise for us. We would be receiving communion! He told us to come into the church, 9 at a time and wash our hands and stay 6 feet apart. And the whole parish recieved communion! I love your blog! It is my favorite blog because it is so inspirational, motivational and spiritual!

It looks like it was a wonderful, quirky, cyber-Easter.

So glad that Sacha's completed his quarantine period, so that you, he and your mom can all be together and help one another through this scary time. And that Yann is with Chelsea, Gabriel and the others in France. My thoughts are with Marty and his family, too, in hopes that his medical treatments are helping. Hugs.

Thank you, Corey. We all celebrated apart, but still have so much to be thankful for. I can’t wait for the day I can kiss and hug my grandson and children again as I’m sure you are looking forward to that day too! I am so happy you, your mom, and Sacha can now be together. That is wonderful! I think of you and your family daily and pray that your brother’s treatments heal him of his cancer. Much love to you.

Hello Corey. Although these are such unusual times for all of us, I send you my heartfelt Prayers. So crazy that you cannot be with your Husband, your first Born Child and your first grandchild. Yet, I am a firm believer that Our God works in mysterious ways and you are here with your Family in Willows for something special, possibly a miracle. Be safe and give my love to all of your Family, Vicki


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Oh Corey! How difficult for you to be missing your family in France and especially beautiful baby Gabriel. But how wonderful that you can support your California family and brother and Mom at this time. Your photos and words brought a much needed smile to my face.

Distance is just a measure to see how far love can travel I say to myself being thousands of miles away from my son and his family for many years now.
Many have said this year the meaning of Easter was all the more appreciated now more than ever.
God is teaching us all a very important lesson at this time I believe.
Thankful and blessings and sending prayers to everyone all around the world.
God bless us and protect us all


Blessings to you and yours, Corey.

Gabriel is maturing so fast and I feel so sorry you are missing these months, but, as you point out, so far everyone remains safe and healthy...and he is such a handsome boy. Glad you got to be with your Mom and Sacha. What a wonderful French homecoming you are going to have when it occurs!

I was delighted and surprised to see Gabriel walking! Sasha must think I'm a odd one...I always make friendly comments on his insta-stories...and he is sweet to comment back! I loved seeing you and your mom and Sasha having a lovely meal yesterday. (As your son he is close to my heart like my children.)

What a strange time this is. I waver between being euphoric that I am safe, and devastated with the state of the world. I was really glad to see a photo of you with Sacha and your mom. Hanging on to the good things right now, and sending you lots of love.

oh my heart, that little boy is so darn precious. So glad that you were able to be with your son and your Mom and that Yann was able to be with the other half of your family. Bittersweet, none the less. Stay strong, I know you will. Love and hugs.

What a sweet husband you have to send you a picture of the first rose and a chocolate bunny for the little one with a variety of bunnies too.

Wonderful pictures and text. Thank you so much for sharing your Easter. Blessing on all your family near and far.

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