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01 April 2020


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Thank you for sharing this good news. Prayers continue

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! This is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing.

I'm so happy for you! Hope he gets a full recovery! Stay strong!

That is terrific news in the midst of your turmoil and world turmoil.....go well Marty and all of you...greetings from New Zealand!

Many prayers for Marty and the family.
Thanks for all you share with us
Love Jeanne

A molecule of good news...good to hear. How are you holding up, my friend? Happy to hear S is nearby now too.

What wonderful news!

Thank you for this report. I am continuing to pray, send up smoke signals, send good intentions, everything I can think of. Sending you love, always. (and soon...soon you'll be able to hug Sasha, right?)

A splash of sunlight in a sea of uncertainty XX

Thanks for sharing this, Corey - you all remain in my prayers, especially your brother xx

Good to hear the good news. You all continue to be in my thoughts. I love that Sacha is near and so enjoyed reading his writing. xxoo

COREY THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!! continued prayers! ALWAYS......

Thank You for sharing the update. We will continue to keep your brother and your family in our prayers. Blessings, Dave & Teresa

I will continue to pray! Prayers of gratitude, prayers fro Grace!
Thank you for this wonderful news!

This news helps us all ... restores and replenishes faith, which is being tried in so many ways right now ... We are with you, Corey and Marty and all your family ... sending so much love!

Blessings to Marty, you, and your entire family at this sad and distressing time. Sending love, too.

"Perseverance, secret of all triumphs." -Victor Hugo

Sending kind thoughts to all of you.

He is in my prayers, and his family, and extended family. Thank you for letting us know this good news!

SO happy to know this encouraging good news. Continuing to pray for your brother Marty and your whole family. These are dark times for many of us.

Oh Corey, what wonderful news. I’m cheering for Marty and he is always on my mind.

He is an amazingly strong man! Sending Marty and you and your family much love and prayers. Best wishes!!

Praying for Marty...🙏💕

Sending all my spiritual strength and prayers to all of you. The Love between a Sister and Brother is beyond any words, and goodness knows you are blessed with so many brothers, a most wonderful Life Journey.

May the Holy Spirit flow through Marty's body and nothing unGod like be in his body. In the Name of God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Ghost be with you all.

Such good news! I have your family on my families prayer list daily, they will all (huge number) be glad and will continue praying. Blessings and love Dear Corey

Oh, Corey, we are beyond thrilled to hear positive news about Marty. We continue to send our love and prayers, filled with hope.💕💕

Wonderful news! Best wishes from the Netherlands

Continuing prayers for your brother for complete healing and strength for your family! May you rest in God’s sweet peace!

Marty is surrounded by love and that is his strength. Blessings to you and your family. Stay strong.

Continued prayers for Marty et al. Love to all.


i am happy for Marty and your family..hearing the tumors are shrinking.
i salute him, his spirit must be of a solid fighting man to endure these past months.
our prayers continue for both Marty and your family.
may strength and healing continue upon him.

xoxo jody

So glad I found this update and the good news it brought. What a tough time he's had. Continued prayers sent for him and all who love him.

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