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23 May 2020


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Beautiful! I resonate with this post. For the first time in my life there's someone who wants to marry me and who I want to marry. And my Dad won't give him permission. He says he's too old. I'm 34. He's 59. "unfair and beautiful...full of richness and misfortune" that is love, and family, and life. "it carries on and so do we" Thank you for being there for all of us on our journeys. What would we do without you.

The eggs were so beautiful!

The nest you have been watching is that of a red wing blackbird. They are common in all flat wet lands in America. We have them in Pennsylvania. Their song is "purple rain". They migrate south in autumn.

I am sorry to see this. We have bluebirds in one of our birdhouses and I hope the little ones stay safe.

Julie, may I be so bold as to say you don't need your dad's permission to marry and also that he is right, your beau is too old. I married an older man. Doesn't make much difference at your ages now, but will make a big difference in 10 yrs and more.

We have dozens of redwinged blackbirds here, many of them in the reeds around the dugout and slough right behind our house. A bird expert I heard on the radio said these and many other wild birds will raise three or even four hatches of babies each spring and summer, but that due to predation and other problems (one parent is killed or injured, for instance, so the other is unable to keep the babies fed), only 7% survive to adulthood. Birds have a hard life, don't they. -Kate

this really affected me....

Sigh. So sad for black bird mom, who worked hard to grow them! We have hummingbirds that regularly nest in our ficus trees, under the patio roof. We had one batch do just fine in January, then with a second batch in the same nest in April, some predator got them. I have no idea what. One minute they were there, the next they were gone. The nest was in tact, but the babies were nowhere to be seen...and just a few days from being able to fly. Hummingbird mom then took the nest apart over the course of a couple weeks.

Julie, Your Dad is correct, he is much too old for you. I married a man 14 years older than myself and it does become a problem as you age. Statistics state you will outlive him , are you prepared to be a single parent or perhaps all alone in another 20 years? No one knows what the future holds but you can think carefully about your decisions now to help guide it.


I find it difficult to cope with things like this, I’m with you g...so very sad and upsetting XX

Oh, I was so excited for you to have this goal in your walk each day. But then so sad to read the final destruction of the nest. How sad!

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