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01 May 2020


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You look great! All that walking? Still staying safe and healthy here in the foothills of the Rockies.

We choose to be safe in total lockdown. And rather than it being warm here, our furnace still kicks on every night, despite setting the thermostat low! No doubt sometime in May we'll fast-forward here from winter to summer, with only a blink of spring.

Just mixed a big batch of Belgian Waffle batter, so its yeast is now rising. We'll have a couple waffles for brunch, then freeze the rest to toast during the summer, when it's too hot to run the waffle iron. :-)

You always find the beauty...and share it, thank you! I find your poetic thoughts just an uplift, and your photography soothing.

Where I live I am in the minority -those who believe the science, the dr.s, "the hype".

Our small town parking lots are still packed, and stores that are open are full of "patriots" who refuse to yield, who make a point of not wearing masks or staying home. When venturing out they notice those who are compliant and then glare, and walk as closely as possible to intimidate while laughing and mocking; proudly displaying whatever form of "protest" they can to oppose "the government imposed LOCKDOWN!" in favour of their "right to spread whatever disease they want, because this is still America!" Open air markets have boomed in a response to being considered essential, however no one is distancing, most wearing masks...around their necks rather than faces, cars and truck decorated with confederate flags are painted with writings that say "THIS IS AMERICA! UNLAWFUL ARREST IN THE FORM OF HOUSE ARREST IS AGAINST THE LAW! RECALL GOVERNOR NEWSOM NOW". This week alone we have had four large parties on our block. We have rules, but no enforcement.

Because of this mentality I, and the family who live where I do have chosen to restrict ourselves even further. We live off what is in our storage and pantry now, and have entertained our selves within the walls of our home with books, creative projects, etc., and go out no further than the back of our yards.

My mindset is that in my isolation I still have so much more than most people on this planet and this time has been a blessing that helps me gain perspective and gratitude. I still haven't mastered a good bread, but I am conquering the instant pot! Today, I will try to design a pattern for PPE compliant medical gowns for my daughter, who will need at least 8 per day when she can go back to her job. She will happily wear scrubs, gowns, and caps made from our extra cotton sheets with cuffs of tube socks. Lots of time and isolation have been a gift.

COREY you look so California (at least in this born and breed east coast girl's opinion) like a girl of summer --with all that is going on around you and in you --you radiate warmth and happiness-I hope you see these comments because I want you to know how prolific you are we are all missing someone or something and I have always said you have a foot in two worlds each home each precious-but I much prefer the way you said it … one in foot- one in heart- I am fascinated by the orchard NATURE IS AMAZING-grounding oneself walking the land beyond medicine - thinking of you and all which you carry and hold in the quiet of your being

Morning Corey
I may need to pad the walls here soon - a new meaning to decorating. 🤪
I’m not far, how ‘bout I come up and we can play hide and seek in the orchard, find a grassy field to run in and take a wild jump into the canal at the end of the day! My prayers for your whole family.

How fun to roam around an orchard. I'm working from home and literally don't go anywhere. My car battery died because I have not used my car in weeks. However, we have everything we need. My husband is the only contact I have and as much as we love each other, well, I miss all the socializing from work, church, shopping, etc. Hopefully soon we can go back to normal. We have a a large back yard and I get to see all our flowers bloom. It has been spectacular, and for some sanity, I shop online and occasionally I have gone out for a Starbuck's Chai Latte - drive thru only. We'll look back at this time and realize there were some positives. Enjoy!

Greetings from NZ where we are slowly heading towards winter, but seem to have the Covid beast reasonably under control, though still mostly in lock down.
Glad you are doing such fine work in the field with your family and keeping fit and well.
Always lovely to have your stories to look forward to in the morning here in "The Land of the Long White Cloud".

Stay well and keep on keeping on.....with your feet in two worlds...


Penni, I am stunned and horrified by what you so vividly described in your comment above. I cannot imagine how I would respond if surrounded by the behavior you describe whenever I ventured out in public during the pandemic. What makes the protective measures bearable for most of us who are following them is the collective spirit of working together to minimize the spread of this potentially-deadly virus and help the most vulnerable among us. You appear to be surrounded, in your community, by people who not only refuse to be part of those efforts but also taunt and otherwise undermine those who are. You must feel very isolated from the very community spirit and action that could help sustain you during the dire crisis. And yet you carry on, focusing on gratitude for what you have. I hope that you know that there are many people, including I, who support and applaud you.

The photos are lovely, the almond orchard especially. I feel like I am "on hold." It's an odd time. If I get restless, I remind myself that my father was called upon to fight in a war. He left his new wife and baby daughter and did not if he would return. He slept in trenches filled with ice and snow, and-according to him-that was not the hard part. I am being called up on to stay home as much as possible, wear a mask and gloves in public, respect social distance rules. My task is easy in comparison.

I love the birds nest! Spring is awesome! I'm doing great. I'm having all kinds of online dating adventures. LOL I just told a 59 year old that he couldn't court me because my Dad says he's too old. LOL I'm 34. We're still good friends though. He told me today that he wants to leave me his inheritence. And I just dumped a guy who wanted me to be his green card. Everyone is bored because of the lockdown. But I'm not! This is the most exciting time of my life thus far! LOL

Dear Penni

I am shocked by what is going on in your area, and I am sorry. I cannot imagine your strength of courage to live amongst such
radicals. Where is your freedom if they claim theirs against yours? I wish you lived next to the rice fields and orchards that surround me
a bubble of serenity. How can I help you?

Dear Leslie,

Thank you ! Well said and I agree with you xx

Dear Corey, Your family’s farm is so wonderful to see. I am enjoying Sacha’s beautiful photographs and Chelsea’s Instagram stories of Gabriel and flowers and nature. I have been in isolation for about two months. I get groceries by ordering online. They put them in the car then I come home and wash everything! Without a doubt, for me, the worst part of this is not being able to hug loved ones. Especially my grandson who will have changed and matured considerably by the time a vaccine (hopefully) is approved. He turned five y
in January and I fear he won’t be little when this is over! His father is a pharmacist, so there is no quarantining for two weeks so that we can all be together. I miss my children so very much. With that said, I am thankful I have groceries to wash, family to miss, and good health. So much more to be thankful for, but sometimes a hard day or moment comes. One good thing is I am not prone to boredom! I can entertain myself with projects and so much more. Thankful for that. I think of you and your family everyday. It’s funny how connected you can feel to someone you’ve never met! I know this has been an extremely difficult time for you. I admire the way you handle it with such grace,
and honesty.
Holding you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

Beautiful pictures, so thankful you have Sacha with you. I echo Carol’s sentiments, you are handling your situation with such grace. Yesterday our governor declared Texas open. Duh DAllas had its highest number of new cases and deaths yesterday. So we keep on keeping on. We have each other, our dog, our neighborhood, zoom calls, our beautiful flower garden....... prayers for the scientists who are working on a vaccine.

I had to walk away for a bit after reading Penni’s comment. I’m a little calmer now.
It sounds like a gigantic science experiment in a Petri dish. I can not imagine living like that. The disregard for
other people breaks my heart.

I am proud of Penni and her family for standing their ground and staying safe at home.
What beautiful pictures, dear Corey. Oh the almond trees are a memory of my life in California. One of my neighbors in Oregon is trying to grow one almond tree and I wonder how it will do. Love, love the picture of you and your mom. Take care as you shelter in place. Praying your brother is better each day.

My heart goes out to you Penni and your family as well as to you Corey, your family and everyone that reads your blog. I'm in the Chicago area. We have a decent governor that has a plan in place, but it is complicated, i.e. the poorer African American community in Chicago has been hit the highest with deaths and cases of Covid-19. On May 1st mandatory masks in public went into effect out here. My husband & I thankfully both have our jobs and have been working from home. Faith, chats with family & friends, virtual exercise classes, music, books and blogs help keep me sane.

Hey everyone, This is penni...

Mercy, I am overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and comments - thank you! And I apologize for, and admit to being saddened, if I have caused anyone undue grief or concern for our family with my emotional response.

->I am a bit invested in trying to maintain a healthy environment.
Our eldest son, now in his 40s, has CVID and produces zero functioning antibodies, he and his family live about an hour away, however during an *average* day he is at high risk for infections and illness. On a "normal" day we all need to be careful about hygiene and what we are touching or bringing into their home or ours. Currently we must be keenly aware of who we have come in contact with or whom might not even know they are a carrier. Science is instructing us that this virus can linger and stay alive for hours or days depending on where it lands, and just *speaking* can transmit air born particulates, hence the wearing of a mask in a meager attempt to contain it if *we* are a carrier.
We also have a full time RN daughter in law who is working in a major SoCAL Hospital, another of my sons is considered "essential" and working while his wife self isolates with their 5 kids because of her issues with chronic bronchitis and lung issues, and our daughter who works as a Dental Hygienist (not working at the moment, but her offices is wanting to go back asap). None of our 11 grandkids have been allowed anywhere outside of their respective homes or back yards since the end of February for these reasons. So although our family is currently well and fine, we are all very concerned for our individual neighbors, communities, and work environments -as most people are, because yes, this is a very contagious life threatening virus.
We had 2 family members diagnosed as positive, who went through a pretty scary intense month of illness, but who are recovered, home, and doing fine currently. They live in Utah so they aren't close by, but we have seen how destructive this disease can be to healthy fit persons in their mid 40s.

Most of us live in SoCAL, so we are thanking all past earthquakes that helped encourage us to prepare and store for natural disasters, lean times in markets, and -not exactly this kind of isolation -haha!, but yes, past earthquakes have taught us well to have books, games, amusements, creative outlets, service projects, and alternative means for just about every thing we would normally do or have (thank you hand held pop bottle bidet!), so we want for nothing other than for a healthier world and reasonable community thinking.

Most of our communities have been very patient and considerate, however mine has not. I live in a very conservative neck of the woods where conspiracy theories abound and certain radio hosts are given much more respect than world leaders, science, or actual medical persons working in the field. To be a "patriot" means that there is only one way to think, and everything else is some form of a dark plot.

We are extremely grateful for technology (Skype, HouseParty), the internet which has been a great place to visit via museums and libraries, "googling earth" and flying over Stone Henge, Hawaii, or the Alps with the g-kids, a fabulous resource for accurate information (thank you FamilyHandiman.com!), good ideas (Pinterest and IG), and great content that uplifts and encourages - like Corey and these beautiful photos and posts!

Again, my apologies for damping the mood on this post or if I have upset or caused anyone concern. (I think I just need a good piece of cake.) Love, and good things for us all soon!


Thank you for keeping our spirits lifted with your posts and wonderful photos. The photos of baby G are lovely and welcome in these difficult times. You always have such a positive attitude that it soothes our hearts.

Penni, to make you feel less alone; our Wal-Mart was crammed full this Friday. Maskless faces in abundance. There are those wearing masks, but many aren’t. It looks looks like business as usual! I haven’t been in a store so I don’t know how people are behaving inside. I too, am in a very conservative area. I have been to pick up groceries and get gas and I’m staying home. Please take heart that some of us feel as you do. I wish it were more. Looking for all that is lovely. 💕 carol

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