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08 May 2020


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Wonderful news!The beautiful photos tell such a story, as Gabriel prepares to tackle the long road ahead.

Wow!! He looks surprised and amazed at what he has accomplished. It must feel like such freedom. Congratulations to Gabriel and everyone in his family, Leslie

Oh my how fast the time goes by..................Blessings and much love for you all
Thanks for all you share

Awesome!! Congratulations Corey! He’s so adorable, what a beautiful boy. 💕💋👶🏻😍

Such a wonderful time in your families life...when a baby learns to walk! So happy for you!

Life will never be the same:)

So sweet. Thanks for the wonderful, uplifting smile you put on my face and in my heart.

How can that be? Such a special time. I wish you could magically teleport yourself back to France for a short visit at least.

Walking is a wonderful milestone. New freedom to explore. Smile!

He is so adorable!!

Walking at 10 months that’s very early XX

When will Gabriel run his first Paris Marathon, with mom? :-)

These are the best! Just out for my daily stroll!💕

Corey, the trait I most admire about you is your ability to "bloom where you are planted". Not that I believe you don't face difficult challenges, but when you do, you turn them around and ferret out the rewards. These are lesson we all receive from you through your artist's eye and your poet's soul. Thank you for sharing.

Big boy!!

Beyond adorable! I love his shoes too.

another accomplishment - life so grand!

He looks so proud of his accomplishment!

Love the shoes.

Oh, they are in trouble now!!

what a cute little boo** keep the pics coming..love our little boys**

He’s adorable and an early walker
My sister is just an hour’s drive from her year old grandson and hasn’t seen him other than in photos for weeks and won’t for a while. I think lots of grand moms are just visiting with photos and Skype.

well isn't he the most darling? the photographs are wonderful.
l love him looking away, walking back (gosh he looks like his momma!)
and that expression from the side view!
Chelsea has your skill of photo taking.(as does Sasha!)
thanking God you have the options to communicate, via photos, FaceTime or Skype
at this time.

xoxo jody

Amazing! Sweet child! How I wish you could be there soon.

This little guy is going places!

How wonderful and darling he is! He has Gramma's eyes!

Hi Corey I am late to party here ~Gabriel is walking my goodness at 11 month? Such a love bug! xo Miss you guys!

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