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25 May 2020


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Thank you.

Dear fellow citizens, be careful what we wish for. Convenience married to greed results in not more life and liberty, but in foolish and wasteful death.

God bless America. We need those blessings now more than ever.

Amen. Be strong and careful everyone. Pray for each other.

This may be the most important of all your posts, Corey (and you have written many posts that are important). Thank you for speaking for decency, community, sacrifice. 💜

Thank you

Thanks for posting about this. I had read about the N.Y. Times front page, but not seen or read the actual thing. I am touched that the newspaper chose to include a highlight of each person's life, bringing it home, at least to anyone who is not so self-centered that they are totally tone deaf about the situation, that these are not just numbers.

Merci, Corey. And as Leslie notes, we need more than ever to focus on decency, community and sacrifice.

This is a fact that didn't get published, in 1968-69 the Hong Kong flu hit America and 100,000 people died from it. There was no quarantine, no shutdown, no social distancing. We all continued with normal life of going to school, concerts, church, work, etc. Not sure who is right but there is a divide on attitudes.

Beautiful post. I love you!

Thank you, Corey! What a lovely tribute to those that have lost their lives during this pandemic. Take care as your shelter in place.

Thank you Corey, once again you have left me in tears....I hope with all my heart that those people who choose to disobey guidelines will read and reflect on what you have written today. God Bless you and your family.

Everything Leslie said. Thank you ,Corey for this post. I wish it could be put somewhere where it would sink in and resonate with all people. 💕

When I opened the NYT and saw the front page it was too much to comprehend. Somehow I felt just as bad about that sad mama bird after a predator got her babies. Seems kind of like a metaphor of some sort...
Reading those few words after every name to describe a lifetime of living made me so sad but we need to bear witness to this loss of life.
My sorrow is laced with anger and rage as a health care provider. I don’t possess your grace. I wish I did.

The very last line made my tears drown in anger. Memorial Day barbeques and swarming to the beaches were earned by sacrifice of others. Every life deserves respect.

Sometimes I cry at the beauty of your posts.
Today, I’m crying at the poignancy.

To Ann of Avondale : Check the spanish flue in the US in 1918/20.


I thought to myself as I read this, "This post is a written variation of Corey's life."
In this instance the "bits and bobs" she's collected are snippets of someone's life, rather than physical antiques. They are the intangibles, ("the first black women to graduate from Harvard Law school" and "her backyard birds ate right from her hand") instead of the tangibles (a vintage frame with a diploma from 1956 or an antique bird feeder.) 
You are attracted to not only the antique object, but-more importantly-the story behind that object. An antique is a beautiful object for eyes to behold. The story behind the antique imbues it with depth of meaning that touches heart and soul.
Your post is the best-intangible-reason I've seen for social distancing, masks, gloves, etc. A poetic ode to social responsibility.
Thank you for your compassionate eloquence.

I’m saddened by the partisan take on this post as I come to this blog to get away from all of that. I come to learn about the French way of life, the antiquing and of course the human stories that run deep through our lives. Stating that it’s a “portion of Trumps base” who are refusing to wear masks and to isolate is wrong on so many levels. The NYT’s is a liberal newspaper and does its best to spin news to its own benefit. I have several Democratic card carrying members who are neighbors who have refused from day one to put on a mask and have large gatherings at their homes all the time. So please, let’s honor the lives of those who have succumbed to this horrible virus but please let’s leave politics out of it!

Thank you , Corey, for posting .

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