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19 May 2020


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I can read and feel myself in your words. You wonder why you left when you see all that beauty around you. But you left because of love yet you come back because of love. So difficult to be torn between tow places/lovers :) Stay strong and healthy. This too shall pass.

These pictures stir something so deep inside. I grew up in the country and long for it. Thank you for this post. These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful.

You went forward in the direction of your dreams. You live the life you imagined.
A favorite quote of mine worded differently. My Son did the same things left where his heart took him that is the wishes we want for our loved ones to live happy.
God bless us all
Love Jeanne

Once again you've shared something so beautiful with us! Thank you so much!

You touch my heart by sharing yours. 💕
Thank you, friend.

this pictures speaks words and your feeling, which I can understand totally. Best wishes from Spain

These photographs are National Geographic magazine superior. The beauty captured is outstanding. Love the wide angle sweeping views, color and light. Your words are heartfelt and so true. Follow your heart. Yes. If only we could get this virus under control. Easy travel will be welcomed and you can once again traverse between your two beloved "homes." I have to repeat, superior photographs! Thank you for sharing.

These photographs make me want to visit your part of the world. Amazing photography (and writing.)

That last photo is especially beautiful. Sacha must understand since his heart is in more than one place also. I've traveled back and forth from coast to coast in the U.S. for the last 35 years. This will be the first summer that I won't make the trip. Being forced out of my routine is making me think more about what I value.

Are you able to return to France, should you decide..... are their borders open?
Your words are sweet!

These photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I don't know if you took them, Corey, or your son, Sasha, did, but kudos to the photographer. That second to the last one of the road traveling to the sky through those golden fields evokes such a feeling and sense of place. You have a poet's heart and a poet's eye. "Home is what I must hold in my heart". Just lovely.

So Beautiful…… So our Willows......Photos are Perfect...….Sooooooo Wonderful our Home Land is......So Glad you are here to share with the World......Blessings to you and your Family !!!!!

I echo Susan's words.....National Geographic quality. Sacha should submit his portfolio to them. So beautiful, Ineed, to travel to your part of Calif someday. I know you and Sacha dream of a glorious reunion with your family and his ❤️ I too dream that dream for you.

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