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20 May 2020


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The beautiful photographs and words from your heart always capture my soul.
Thank you for all you share.
Much love and prayers and many blessings for us all.
Love Jeanne

These photos are so Beautiful!! That deep gold color on the hills is amazing!
Sacha and your mom are right to simply get on with the tasks at hand when you cannot face what is coming in the future. Then you at least have nice surroundings if/when the time you feared arrives. It helps dissolve the sadness in the heart.
Take care.

magical moments

Wow,...just wow!

The photos are glorious! God is an amazing artist!

I was thinking exactly what Julie was...wow, just wow. I feel like some of these photos should be submitted to the Cloud Appreciation Society website. Such beauty. The sky is so spectacular above those brown California hills. Thank you for sharing, Corey and Sacha. What a treat to see God's artistry and your capture of it in photographs.

These pictures, so amazing. For me, especially the last. California is one part magic, isn't it? Those rolling gold hills and open skies had me thinking of Steve Nicks:

When the lights go down in the California town,
People are in for the evening.
I jump into my car and I throw in my guitar,
My heart beatin' time with my breathin'.
Drivin'novicated, singin' to my soul,
There's people out there turnin' music into gold.

The beauty of your words and the amazing capture of landscape blend together perfectly. I am touched. With gratitude to you for sharing these moments. Love and blessings...


Stunning, just stunning. I am so happy for both you and Sacha, that you have this time together. :)

Oh my!! Once again these pictures are spectacular!!! These photos and your words speak to me of the land and home. Those golden fields with the fence post could be from a Willa Cather novel. Gorgeous post!!!


Beautiful skies, beautiful moments. During this time of corvid, this time of being with Sacha and your mother is a true blessing. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous sunsets.

I live in Sacramento and have driven North on Interstate 5 and Highway 99 many times and have taken the roads from Willows to Chico. I have especially liked Highway 99 because I’m going through ranch country. But seeing yours and Sacha’s photos has given me an even better appreciation. I will think of those photos with a keener eye next time.

I think this time has taught us that family and friends are always more important than things. I am like you just now, enjoying the clouds, the incredible Spring blossoms this year and forgiving myself for not constantly doing things. Even my art has taken a back seat to just living today. Now is the time for gardening, sitting on my deck enjoying the skies without airplanes criss crossing, and reflecting. I lost my oldest pal to cancer last Saturday. We were going to celebrate our 75th birthdays together this month but of course this was not to be, he being in England and me here in Canada. Robin and I went to kindergarten together as did our older siblings. We have stayed friends since we were three. Today I planted a Pacific dogwood in his memory in my front garden. We shared so many childhood memories and on into adulthood. These are the memories that count, aren’t they?

Indeed! What precious moments watching the stars and now spending this time with your mom and Sacha. How extremely wonderful.

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