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30 May 2020


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Wow...some pretty deep thoughts. It's easy to be scared. I have paranoid schizophrenia. So I've had more than my fair share of fears. Thank God I'm on medication or I wouldn't be able to hold a job! Hang in there, Corey. The first step to correcting a problem is to acknowledge there is one. And it looks like you've done that. And you've got a really good heart. I'm sure you'll take action!

Beautiful! I have fight fear daily, but I've learned to "do it afraid". By the grace it has really helped. Blessings to all.

I am so glad you wrote this post, Corey. We all must find the courage and energy, and develop the knowledge, necessary to put our beliefs into action, in whatever ways we can, to fight for the most vulnerable among us. That is more imperative now than ever, if we want our planet to survive and to be a decent place for human beings to live. We are each other's keepers.

Maybe there’s a way to help those men under the bridge without letting them know it’s you. I tried to help a homeless woman near here and she refused every effort. I even bought her a cart so that she didn’t have to walk with all her stuff in a big plastic bag on her back and she said no thank you. So I give to the charity lunch room where she eats.

Knowing if one will have the courage to act when faced with a tragedy like the one the witnesses faced In Minneapolis, is one I too, think about when something like that occurs. I know for a fact, if I was black and in that crowd, I wouldn't have had the courage to step forward because they knew what would be in store for them because of past experiences with the police and because of the horror that they were seeing transpire. I was impressed with the number of people who actually called for the police to listen to Floyd who was saying he couldn't breathe. I would probably have been allowed to come forward because, as a white, fairly well-dressed old lady, I carry a certain amount of authority. But would I have done so? I don't know.
Several years ago, I was alone in a situation with a raggedy fellow who was in distress and which could have been deemed dangerous. After listening closely to what he was saying I reached out and offered him a kindness that could have proven fatal, but I followed my instincts (with great fear) and was able to walk safely away. I will never know if his distress was real, or if he would have done me harm, but I had to take a chance. I wouldn't suggest that everybody take such a risk, but sometimes we are directed by a higher power.

You would not have ended up with a knee on your neck because you are white. Racism is real in America. I have witnessed racism first hand on so many occasions. There is a tiny bubble of fear inside me that wiggles to the surface nearly every day. My brother's wife is from Cameroon, in West Africa. Their children are black. My nephew is autistic. This is what is inside the bubble: If the police told him to stop he would most certainly argue with them, he probably would not stop. He would probably be killed. He would not be uncooperative because he is a bad kid, he would be uncooperative because his mind does not process things in a normal way. I live in such fear of this scenerio, I can see it happening so easily. I am so thankful for the advent of cell phones with camera's, the heinous brutality is now available for everyone to witness. Maybe it will help things change.

Regarding the homeless men. You say they have been in contact with the police. Ask the police if they can recommend a way to help them. Do they know if the men go to a certain shelter to shower, or a food kitchen? Maybe support them through an agency or service they trust and use. As a former social worker, I know many, many of the homeless in America are the mentally ill, who were formerly housed in institutions. Often, do not want to interact with anyone, especially if they are schizophrenic. I would not recommend interacting with them if you do not know them or their background.

Benjamin Frankin did not say that quote,,,but it is a nice saying

Facebook Post Credits Ben Franklin With This Quote On Justicecheckyourfact.com › 2019/04/15 › fact-check-faceboo...

Often I pray for courage and grace, and I hear that in your voice when you say "do it afraid" I like that.

Thank you you say it well and it helps xxx

Thank you for your guidance and find out where they have their meals.

I pray for the direction. xx

Hi Jackie, I wasn't speaking of me as singular person but more about those of us who were and weren't there. I do not mean
to belittle anyone of color by saying I would have a knee on my neck, but by saying that the threat of pain, evil and death
are real. Seeing someone being murdered would make me very afraid and yet maybe by the grace of God I would respond differently.
I am sorry if I offend you or anyone.
Also, one of the homeless persons has a severe mental disorder. I will heed your advice thank you for it.

Good to know I looked it up before posting the image and found it here
I will follow your link for my future quote check. thank you.


Oh Corey no! You did not offend me in any way. Not at all. I was just speaking very plainly about a sad truth, the truth of racism in America. You have never offended me in any way! Quite the contrary, you have been a kind, supportive, compassionate friend. I am so sorry it sounded like that. It is not what I meant at all. I am thankful for your presence in my life. I am sorry I did not write what I meant in a way that was more clear.

Whew glad we go that solved and found out we are on the same page xx

Yes Corey I did the same thing and did not read the comments While on a zoom chat with a book club
A friend who has PHD and is a historian I mentioned that quote & He
pointed me in the right direction, much to my chargin on Zoom in front of our group meeting...
I still like the quote and your post on courage we a can all use it. Social media a blessings and a curse.

XO forever! (that's how I sign everything I write to my kids:)

Thank you, Corey! A good reminder for us all.

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