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07 July 2020


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I am glad you are back in France and rest and dream of your sweet reunion soon.
I love you
Blessings and continued prayers for everyone

Welcome back Corey xoxoxox

I can only imagine the feeling of sweet bliss when you are reunited with your family.
Happy you made it back safely.

So happy you have made it back to France safely. Can you not just be tested for the virus and not have the two week quarantine? That seems to be happening more here in our state. Can't wait to see those pics of you and that sweet baby boy!!! Welcome home!!!!

Am so relieved to learn of your safe return.

I commend your decision to self-quarantine. Sacrifices aren't always the easiest thing to do, but love is worth it -- especially compared to the insane situation here in the U.S., where some are placing their own selfishness above human decency.

Rest well.

To Frieda: I check with Farmboy Husband, who's an Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, and still keeps up on research in the field.

He points out that the virus test isn't 100% accurate. And it can take quite a few days for an infected person to begin to test positive for Covid-19. Plus, Corey's coming from the world's Coronavirus capital.

So, to answer your question: NO! A test is not enough.

Just think of how AMAZING that first hug of Yann, Chelsea and then Gabriel is going to feel. (And Martin too ;)). You always have a good time no matter where you are. Everything is going to be okay. Love to you.

So glad to hear it!

My heart is singing for you! So glad you made it home.

Hearing this news made my day! I am so happy for you!

Thank heavens. Thinking of you all.

Alleluia! So glad you are back home! Stay safe and bide your time and then just shut out the world and make up all the lost moments with your family.


Thanking the Lord that you are in France at last! Answer to many prayers from around the world, I'm sure!

Wonderful! Happy days:)

Happy Landings !!! So glad you made it safely from your Willows Home to your French Home. I hope your quarantine in Paris is short and you will be reunited with your Grandson and all the rest of your Family soon. You have been a Pillar while in Willows, I shared your joy of keeping Parental Units safe thru out this Pandemic and still do every day. Sending you blessings of safety and good health, Vicki

Corey, bienvenue en France, close, so close by to your beloved ones. Yes, that quarantine period will soon be over too and you then may be united with family and friends (at a safe distance...). It’s wonderful that you’ve made it back, finally. All our thoughts and prayers were with you.

Great to see you are back in France and oh so close to being with your family at last...keep well! Cheers from NZ

We had a similar experience driving home from Florida in March.
The roads were almost empty. I thought the same thing, like being in a
science fiction movie. Very eerie and disconcerting. Hope your quarantine
goes fast and you are kissing sweet Gabriel’s cheeks soon!

So happy for you to be (almost) home safely. I can picture you in your adorable apartment (where we stayed six years ago!), just resting & dreaming of that sweet reunion with Yann, Chelsea, Martin, & cutest, most beautiful boy ever!

I know leaving must have been bittersweet, but I'm so relieved for you. I was concerned when I saw the latest news since I thought it would prevent you from returning to France.

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