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03 July 2020


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How delightful. Berry special times shared
Much love
I love all you share
Love Jeanne

Yummy! Great pictures!

OMG they all look fabulous! Safe travels friend :)

Thank you for all of your daily pages
of inspiration, love, faith and family.
The berry party was amazing, the girls are amazing,
Mom is totally amazing, and you, dear Friend, are amazing.
May Jesus protect you and continue to send His messages
through you.
Be safe. Love to you and all of your Family.........

So glad to see everyone masked. Thank you.

Boa viagem!

Looks like a wonderful party and great desserts. Nice to get together even with distance and masks!

All so delectable! And am also glad to see the masks, the more we see them the more ok they will feel in all the situations.

I'm drooling!!!

I loved your IG story yesterday. Looks like a wonderful send off for you and memories for your nieces. The blackberry desserts look fabulous! Safe travel home! 😘

This post made me smile, so many good choices and that white cake looks awesome. After dinner, I'm gonna have to go with a slice of your mom's traditional pie with some whipped cream on top. But I'll start happy hour with those blackberry mojitos. What a clever idea!

Thank for'inviting'us through your wonderful photos to enjoy this celebration of love of family,food and summer.Gee you are a talented lot!

I’m going to have to find a blackberry patch! A whole family of fabulous cooks. Save travels and wonderful hugs will be yours soon.

Lucky devils! 😋😋😋

Corey - I’ve been following you daily and sending prayers for your brother. I know your time here is ending and soon you will be back home again. This blackberry extravaganza is just beautiful and one can feel the love though the photos. Travel safely with your memories of these special months. See you in Provence next summer I hope. Debbie

Wow, wow and Wow❣️ What I wouldn’t do for a bite of each. Recipes please🤗

Beauty with blackberries, beauty in all of your Willows family. Supreme treats and times with model social distancing and use of masks. Thank you for sharing so much of your life in California with us these last months. Fly well, dear friend.

Blue skies, Leslie😘

TOTALLY W O W !!!!!!!

This post is such a testament to, (and a lesson about) the times, with distancing and masks. Just like we search photos from 1918 for clues and reassurance, someone will pull this out (let's hope it's over 100 years from now) and say, "look! it's happened before and they got through it with great attitudes and blackberries!" Bon voyage Corey. Take special care while traveling.

Safe travels home. It’s time...

What a delightful idea for a party in these times. Everything looks wonderful and who made the macarons? Maci? They are some of the best-looking macarons I've ever seen. So tall! Your nieces are growing into such lovely young women and you! Are you losing even more weight? I am so envious.

So who won in each category?? Every creation looks SO YUMMY. How fun and I’m so happy you were able to be with all your family. Tell your Mom that I still think she has the most amazing hair! Gorgeous. We never know what the future will bring, but oh what a gift you have received this weird and wild 2020. Hugs and kisses.

I want to come to your house someday. I live to pick blackberries! And eat anything with them inside💙. What a fun day y’all had😘

Those deserts look delicious. I can't choose which one I want? I'd probably have a taste of all of them. Very talented bakers. Certainly better than anything I have ever made. Looks like you had a nice gathering to celebrate the 4th.


I hope you're home safely by now! I think we would all LOVE to have your recipes if you're willing to part with them. Or better yet, write/publish an "entertaining" book and include them with your other recipes!

Hello Corey, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your blackburry "degustation".
The cakes look so delicious, and that place gives an impression of being so homely and romantic ... I can imagine you'll be leaving with one laughing and one crying eye.
Hugs & 😙

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