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15 July 2020


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You go girl because you are looking so athletic. All that exercise allows you to dress "stylish" when you need to, but enjoy the shorts when you are exercising.

corey i was looking at the pictures Martin took upon your homecoming - the outfit sounds similar to these photos and maybe because I am an American I thought to myself and then said to my sister who graciously lets me use her Instagram account I THOUGHT YOU LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE 20 tanned toned sweet ensemble and happiness ease joy jumping off of you I thought you looked every bit "15"(meaning all the things we feel inside) I really thought you looked beautiful....CALI yes but that is my most favorite look in the whole wide world-next to a tan ….you had both welcome home young lady!

I love this post, and I love that you are comfortable with who you are, where you are, and allow others to feel what they feel too! lol How fun it must be for you to be home and just "be" -and especially be with your family!!!

Hoping you always feel free and loved.

You gotta be true to your California self! I think you just experienced a drive-by from Regina George (Sr.), who was sad she wasn't fit enough to rock a warm weather outfit like you were. She needs to drive over to St. Trop and check out the outfits there, lol.

This just makes me smile. Yes, be a Californian that like to walk and take care of herself.

We are clearly California girl cousins, both from Willows. When I go out for my long covid walks here in SanFrancisco, I am dressed in spandex. After I walk 5 minutes I am hot, even with the cool breezes prevalent here. I was getting a “farmers tan” on my arms, so when I get warm I roll up my sleeves to create a tank top effect. My scraggly hair blows around like a wild woman and I don’t wear a hat because I love the sun on my face. I just don’t give a fig what I look like. I’m getting a suntan for the first time in probably 30 years and I feel healthy. I’ll take my chances with skin cancer and I could care less about looking stylish. Those 90 minutes of fresh-air freedom are the highlight of my isolated days. Keep wearing shorts and tank tops. You look stunning.

Perhaps she was just being cheery rather than meowww catty. Your outfit sounds stylish to me. But then again I live in California. I remember many comments about my dress when I was young and lived in a stylish part of Rome. 'Gli Americani!' These Americans! What we lack in couture we make up for in comfort.

Well, French women do not exercise... at least, not that I ever noticed. So maybe that is why clothes which are intended for exercise are foreign?

In any case, what I got out of it is that -- she thought you were young and strong. It was only upon much closer examination that she realized you were not a teenager, a young woman.

You are incredibly gorgeous, and in amazing, strong, shape.

I just think you should wear whatever you like at the young age of 62! You Go Gal! Cheers from NZ....

I enjoyed my treks up the hills around your hometown. Nobody ever stopped to talk to me about thinking young. Everyone knows I’m 49!!
So glad to hear you are home safely away from the mad man. Here we have had only 135 cases of covid on the Island. Our times will change now as US citizens come across the border stating they are on their way to Alaska or coming by boat to the west coast and come to the Island on holiday even though the border is closed. As I harvest my lavender, I think of you and my first wonderful time in Provence with you. Please give my fond greetings to Yann. I am certain he is so glad to have you home. Enjoy your family. My daughter and granddaughters are not able to come this summer from England. Their flight was due yesterday but was of course cancelled. Such difficult times but when one lives in such a Paradise, all is enjoyable. Stay well, stay safe, stay happy.

That cultural attitude is why the French are often considered to be rude. It's just cultural differences, right?

You are beautiful and ageless. And wise.

You're beautiful - inside and out. Roll those shorts up high!

Go for it girl... you are so truly quasi Cali-French!!!! or French-Cali ??? Roll up the shorts and sport those legs that have traveled so far in these past few months......the legs that are the strength between Willows Home and French Home. SHOW THEM OFF !!!!! Be safe and hugs to your Family :)

I bet she was envious, not being able to dress as she feels, being "stuck" in her cultural norm. What a gift, to be and feel free and comfortable. At 64 I've decided I am dressing for my own comfort. My hair is "boy-haircut-short" and I love it. Not because it looks good ("good" meaning whatever society decides is pretty at the moment) but because it feels good. Nothing is more attractive than confidence. You've got that in spades. Good for you!

It's a shame women can't simply applaud other women. You're walking the mountains, and whether you're 15 or you're 62, you can wear whatever helps you climb...period. I know those roads and you are taking them on. Bravo, Corey!

I’m known around here for my love of t-shirts. I’ll be 64 in 2 days and I have quite an awesome collection. i love it and really don’t care what anyone thinks. But then I live in Texas. I think everyone around here is comfortable being themselves. I just ordered a new one for my birthday. It says “Underestimate me - that’ll be fun”.

“You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t the California out of the girl.” When I am in France I’m always reminded of the times people say they have to get dressed up just to take out the garbage. Life is far too short for that. Bottom line, you do whatever makes you comfortable — and happy. Keep fooling ‘em.

I was just thinking yesterday - as I enjoyed your photos - of how fit and healthy and happy you look! I loved the happy faces of your family on your return to them. Keep trucking California Frenchie.

Elegance and style are the words you emit, not what you place on your body. Keep adorning your chicness inside and out!

You go Corey! Do what you want to do, and be your own person!

and you look gorgeous in those shorts with your toned and tanned legs. keep on keeping on!

I agree with everyone: you look fabulous. Your beautiful face (and fab glasses), gorgeous hair, your athletic, toned and tanned bod, and your stylish clothing that always looks appropriate for the occasion. Keep your chin up, chest out, and carry on.

Beautiful you, dear heart, inside and out! 💕

Now there is that American verve you should never lose or apologize for.

You be you!
You're fabulous, just the way you are xxx

Chere, whenever you want to join me at a thrift store searching for clunky black tie up shoes and house-dresses with aprons attached, give me a call. We 60yr. olds will have a grand time! I know the filters come off as we age but the presumptuousness of her is astounding! You go (American) girl!

We in Oregon are known for starting to wear shorts as soon as it is 60 outside - the tour guide in France explained that was how he was able to identify where my daughter was from when she was studying in Paris and they took a tour to Tunisia. That has always stuck in our minds. Happy adventuring in the mornings.

How very French. They speak their minds and in this woman's case, add a commentary. Personally, I would never think of saying what this complete stranger said to you. You responded perfectly. Enjoy your day and your morning strolls.

That silly old biased lady lives in the 18th century. I know French woman who are around my age (68) that wear shorts and sleeveless shirts. That is what we wear. Corey thanks for sharing this story...it certainly got me stirred up because you didn’t deserve this comment from the lady in the car. I am going for a walk now in my neighborhood and I am wearing my shorts!

Good for you! And you are looking so trim these days, you do look 15!

She just sounds like she's trying to connect. She may be a little out of it, out of touch with the times, with youth per se. Because I'm also your age and wear shorts and tight leggings, and all the women I know in their 60's, as well as some in their 70's and 80's wear them too. It's a blessing to feel comfortable in your own body.

I don't understand why someone has to stop and tell you what you look like (her opinion). Why stop and berate someone? When you walk, wear your earphones and listen to music then when someone wants to talk, just wave them on and ignore them. Wear what you want and be happy!

Similar to comments above,I was admiringbyour slim figure in yesterday's photos,thinking how great you look! Was going to ask you how you do it but I'm guessing itscdaily long walks,I'm lazy like that,I'm 66,and always seem to be wanting to lose a stone (or 2)! I can't imagine the audacity of someone to actually pull up ext to you & say what she said!!! She may be a bit envious I think!

This woman was a Karen.

The last walk I took with my husband was in the rice fields. It was 2014, in East Biggs, we were next to my sister's house. In the middle of somewhere. Beautiful, aching memory. Carry on Corey. I thought you looked amazing when I saw your photograph once you were home.

She needs to "stay in her lane". Keep doing you girl!!

Ha This woman reveals her own age and out-of-datedness. Parisians these days look very Californian with their white scuffed running shoes and funny little socks. What happened to summer ballerines? There's a nice equality and casualness to dress. Comfort 1st whatever yr age.

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