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13 July 2020


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So glad you can now rest in your families arms and love.
What a trip! Glad you made it home.


Very happy to see you made it home. There's no place like home! Enjoy and be at peace.

Your train ride home was epic, not in a good way. I had to chuckle at the thought of locking yourself in the bathroom. I too am paranoid and can hardly handle the grocery store. I have to fight panic. I am so glad you are home.

Glad you are home! Long long trip.

(Seems like you might need another quarantine after a train ride like that!)

I am so glad you are home and safe, Corey. I have been reading about your journey home with bated breath. Relax now and bask in the love of your family. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You have developed such a following of readers who love you.

Such a happy day! What relief you must feel, and I feel for you!

Believe me I would have felt all the same emotions and probably would have tried to stand by the doors inside, away from people. Impossible to social distance in that setting. Now that you are home, Gov. Newsom tightened restrictions again with gyms, hair salons, indoor retail all closed again as of today.

That lunch looks great!

There's no place like HOME!
Just a thought - it may have been better to go straight home and then practiced isolation - there were so many people no wonder you panicked ...

I am so happy for you.
Home at last.
From one home to another. Never easy.

You're home! Hooray and hallelujah!!

All of us, your readers and friends, we give thanks!

So glad you made it home Corey! I would of been right there with you with those same emotions and getting off and on the train. I admired greatly how your family visited and socially distanced in Willows and seen in the pictures. Great to see you at home finally.

Breathe, just breathe the breath of life. What a journey.

Beautiful as always.

Hurray! So wonderful! Happy for you!

I am glad you are home and at peace.
We all feel anxious during these times, at least I do.
God bless us all and protect us all.
Much love always.
Enjoy every ounce of your reunion and being back in your own home with your loving family.
Love Jeanne

So very Happy for you Corey!!! You made it.

Wonderful to know you are home safe and sound and being looked after by your loved ones.....you will sleep well for sure! Cheers from NZ

So happy you are home! What a trip but all worthwhile. Aren’t they all so beautiful!!!

Welcome home! So glad that you were Abe to travel and did so safely.

Now, just enjoy your family Nad friends and Baby Love.

What an amazing internal journey you have had. It is layered by the external journey. Your life story unfolds.
So glad for you to be home. So glad you were able to be home for that 5 months. Layer onto layer we are and we evolve.
Blessings. Peace.

Whew! So glad you made it. Scary that social distancing seems to be a thing of the past. I'm afraid we are all getting a little complacent. I went out to dinner with two women friends this past Friday. Of course we wore our masks except when we were eating, and the restaurant employees were all masked, but it seems dangerous and even self-indulgent to do this and our virus cases, as in most of the U.S. now, continue to climb here in Colorado. So glad you are home and hope you and your family stay safe.

I'm sorry your trip to Provence was so harrowing, but so glad you are finally home with your family now. Maybe the suggestion to self quarantine is a good one. How available is testing in your area? That may be a good option in a few days just to be on the safe side. I have been thoroughly enjoying your daily botanical photos! Stay safe!

Welcome home
Gobble Gabriel❤️

Three words that convey such happiness "Home at last!" I'm so glad you made it, Corey!

Oh Boy, how crazy of a train ride that had to be!!! My husband and I have stayed "home" since March 8th. Husband goes to the grocery store, but I have not been. We are able to be outside on our back deck, front porch, and yard, but I have not ventured further than one trip each to our sons families, and staying 6' distance outside. It was nice weather, so that was fine. If I had to do what you did, I would have been a nervous Nellie for sure, as you were, after doing my best to be safe for 4-1/2 months, but like you, I would have gotten on that train, because you had to get HOME!! So happy that the train trip is over, and you are with all of your loving family. Can't wait to hear about Gabriel's and "grandmas" reunion. Hugs from Wisconsin

BRAVO COREY!!👍👏🧤😷❤️ I am so very happy for you that you are back with your loving family in France. It’s been a long haul for you, but you have weathered the storm. As usual you have handled it graciously plus shared so many beautiful thoughts & photographs with all of us....your fans.
Thank you for your encouragement. Now enjoy your family my dear! ❤️❤️❤️

Welcome Home!

Home at last!!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! <3

What a harrowing journey you have had dear Corey; I would have felt the same. You are brave, and love of those beautiful faces pulled you home.

Love and health and happiness to you all <3

What a nightmare!
Surprising there is no regulation at all but SNCF must be starving.and the vacance begins.
Wonderful that you made it back.
FYI I heard trains to Milan are empty and strictly regulated..not that yr going anytime soon :))
Moi non plus..

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