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21 July 2020


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Cute kid and great picture of the two of you together in your nice green yard. Don't mind if you post baby pics every day. Glad to see you home!

Corey, you feel free to post as many baby photos as pleases you! You are making up for lost time, and I personally am living a bit vicariously through your photos. xo

Treasure every golden moment with your precious loved ones.

Post away!!! So joyful to see you home and he is ridiculously cute. Tell us about his necklace - is it amber?

Photos of him (and you) are nice healing balms for us all. We want our fair share of them since we were without many photos of him the last five months!

But we love to see daily photos of Gabriel, and your family!

POST AWAY so darn precious!

Baby pictures is what I’m here for !

I fee like a virtual auntie and love every single picture. Keep them coming. When I was growing up I had a half dozen “aunts” who made my life richer for having them in my life.

Oh please do! He is gorgeous, beautiful and seeing the two of you together is fabulous!
Enjoy every precious moment with him! ❤️

Great photos! Sweetness all around!💕 I am so happy for you all!

You are allowed to post as many photos of your gorgeous grandson as you want! Lovely to see you reunited with your family again. No need to say Enjoy! I am sure you are savouring every moment.

Keep them coming!💕

That’s ok! Post them every day! Pure joy!

I'll join the chorus:
Keep them coming!!!

ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC !!!!! PLEASE, post all the Baby photos you can. He is such a DREAM !!!!

Two cuties 😊
But the cutest, is my adorabile bellissimo bambino Gabriel ❤️🥰😍

But I really, really WANT you to post baby pictures every day! Twice a day would be even better! He is the sweetest baby boy ever!

Post Away!!!! He is adorable and you waited to long just to hold him again. Love and blessings to all.

Virtual Auntie, great phrase:) Post away, please. It is a joy to see his little face.

Just beautiful! It didn't take Gabriel long to understand you were HIS special Vavie.

Please don’t stop posting! I don’t have any grandbabies (yet) but can imagaine the weight of love and joy being held in your arms!

You can post baby pics every day as far as I’m concerned. Such joy in them.❤️

Are u kidding i rush to open your email in hopes of seeing a photo of chunk a lunk♥️

Oh, Corey, please post photos of that "chunkalunk" every day. He looks so much like my son at that age. (Son is now 54). Takes me way, way back. Love to see Gabriel and all the rest of you. So glad to see you settled back in France. All the while the Willowites missing you every day.

J'ADOOORE !!! Merci de partager ces moments avec nous !
J-Claude et moi allons être grands-parents bientôt aussi ! (Nous savons que ce sera un garçon).

Are you kidding me? I want at LEAST a photo a day!

Please Corey, post Gabriel's pictures everyday!

With the horrible things taking place in the US, your pictures of you and your grandson are most welcome. Keep them coming!!!

Please, please, please keep those baby pictures coming. He is the most beautiful of all the flowers pictures and growing more gifted every day.. Better get those bar bells out to strengthen your arms!
Hugs and love to you all,

He is certainly observing your smile in that first shot. You're adding weight lifting to your walking routine!

Corey he is the cutest and such a blessing for all of you! send as many pictures as you want!

I love them. He is adorable and your smile holding him is the best.

Please do not hold back the baby photos. The photos are very much welcomed. Your smiles show great glee. For sure, no doubt about it, G loves having his grandmother back home.

Cute! Post please
My grandchildren call me Grandma❤️

Love the photos! Love the joy I see!!

love the pictures of him!! Cutest thing ever! and french background to boot

Laine and I are enjoying the pictures everyday. We can't stop talking about how cute he is! Please keep posting! We need video of him eating sardines!

Sweet little baby boy - we are all enjoying the pictures of him. Give that boy smooches from your readers.

I could look at those eyes, yours, Chelsea's and Gabriel's, day in and day out.

I certainly don't mind baby pictures. Beautiful! There isn't anything better and they grow too quickly.

I vote for baby pictures every day. I’m disappointed when I don’t see one.

He’s so adorable. I really don’t mind a daily dose of Gabriel. ❣️

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