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01 July 2020


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It is such good news for your brother. I am wishing you success in getting home on your most recently scheduled flight. Sending you a hug. I know you are filled with hugs but I am thinking you can never have too many.

Beautiful posting and prayers continue for your brother.
Safe flight home Corey
Rabbit Rabbit

Much love

Corey thank GOD for Marty's news and I will never give up on the long awaited for wished for hope for expected miracle you referenced ….NO NEW GROWTHS what else can I say I love all the other stuff but this makes me feel like I could fly.....

So glad to hear your brother is doing well! My patients at the nursing home LOVE Gunsmoke! LOL I've been seeing a lot of dragonflies too. And it's a good thing because the mosquitoes are horrible. LOL So happy you can get back to France and your hubby and family!

Thanks for the updates. I am happy to hear the positive results for Marty and continue to send prayers for him and the family.
My thoughts are with you, Corey. Travels home to France...coming soon. 💕

Only thing better than the homegrown tomatoes and corn on the cob is the love that they represent. So happy for you to have spent this time with your family. Bon voyage - see you sometime next year.

What a wonderful description of your time in Willows.
Oh Gabriel, you cutie! Good for you for loving sardines!

Safe travels Corey! So happy to hear any good news these days. Martin's good news must feel so good. Praying for the world. Rhonda

Corn on the cob...I've forgotten what that tastes like
Bonne Chance Corey

Your words are beautiful, miracles in themselves....blessings to you and all of your Family, so wonderful that you have had this special time in Willows. God truly works in mysterious ways. As your plane takes flight, I send my prayers for a swift and safe journey.

Soooo very very happy for your brother, thank God! 🙏🙏🙏
For the rest, I envy you (in a friendly way) for your discovery in nature and all the walking!
I’m happy for your return to France but I’ll miss your written report and filmed ones about the fields, the flowers, the birds etc. around your mama’s place!
Even though I love very much your brocante part, in these last months I preferred you in your naturalist shoes! 😂
I hope Sacha will keep posting picture/films on nature as I’ve been watching some nice ones from him too!
As mama as son! ❤️

"Your words are beautiful, miracles in themselves." So well said, Vicki. I wait everyday for words from Corey. She has a gift, she is a gift. Oh wait, Corey You have a gift, you are a gift. Thank you so very much. Bon courage on your return to France. I hope Chelsea's cupboard is full of tins of sardines for Gabriel.

JULY 5th MY 34 year anniversary to THE ITALIAN.

Boa viagem, Corey!

Good news re Marty!!!
Safe trip to France! Hope you make it!!

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