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22 August 2020


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The Stranger... one of my favorites.

What a great, inspirational quote!

My favorite by Albert Camus is “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

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I love your quote.
I am sure your wisdom and your hearts guidance with direct to the path that is best for you
I love you
I love your blog

It matters not what lies before us,
It matters not what lies behind us,
What matters is what lies within us.

I think our opinions are so different right now because we have lost the ability to connect. As a former social worker, I am reminded that it takes a high level of empathy to connect with others, especially those who do not agree with you. Empathy and connection make you vulnerable. In order to connect with someone on an empathic level, you must connect first with yourself, at a point of your own hurt, confusion, fear, pain. It is much easier to avoid such connections and just point fingers and be judgemental, thereby avoiding your own hurt, confusion, fear, pain. The irony is that the vast majority of us-on both sides-want the same things, safe and healthy lives for ourselves, our families, our planet. We have somehow lost the ability to make empathic connections that then allow different opinions to exist, which, in turn, produces compromise and moves everyone forward.

I trust you to always present your opinions with love.

Differences of opinion are a difficult thing. It is only when we listen with love and comment with love can we get our message heard. One of the problems is the amount of "hate" which surrounds us right now and how righteous and hateful the opposing side is who unequivocally do not want to hear an opposing side or idea. I want to put up a Vote for Biden sign in our yard but I'm literally afraid of the hate and the response I would get. There is something wrong with this picture, here in the land of the free, afraid of expressing an opinion, when one of our core values is freedom of press and I'm afraid of the repercussions. Tell me there isn't something wrong here. That our beloved democracy is at risk.

BTW love the quote.

To Ann of Avondlale
Your comment doesn't sound very loving. If you would be honest, there is plenty of hatefulness on both sides of the aisle
You certainly can't wear a MAGA hat without getting attacked by the left or possibly fired from your job.
You say your message is to listen with love and comment with love but you are doing neither!

Hypocrisy and phoniness is what's deviding this country.

Dear Elsi, Have you read or listened to my comment with love? I read your comments and am saddened if you were ever fired from your job for your beliefs. This is my point, there should be freedom of speech without hate or repercussions. You can listen and honor my comments because I am experiencing repercussions for my freedom of speech and I can honor your comments because of the injustice that you are feeling. Injustice of any kind is wrong on either side. Hope you have a wonderful day.

I am always awe struck that words written long ago, fit so perfectly into our present experiences and come across the ages to soothe our pain and anxiety....and without a doubt will continue to do the same for generations to come.

Hi Ann
I appreciate your response but perhaps you misunderstood my comment. I was not referring to myself. I am long retired and make no claims on either party. Just wanted to bring to light that both parties share your same fears.
Can we retire the blame game... I've never found it to be of help.
I never advocated listen with love, comment with love. That was your statement.
Don't let fear crush your freedoms.
Maybe you should put that Biden sign out. Your fears may be unfounded...
Good luck and I wish you peace.

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