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20 August 2020


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VOTE says it all!

Voting from Europe is tricky, but I do it, for my own sake.

I had wanted to vote in the States in person, but that's not going happen, now.

Yes, everybody vote!

Your blog has been a restful place. But don't be afraid of offending readers by voicing your opinion from time to time. Maybe shut off comments for those posts so that it's not a debate, just you saying what you think. Any longtime readers know that you respect others' beliefs.

Well said! Voting is the key.

A non-political website is a welcome relief in this hyper-politicized time.

Every American citizen must speak out against the growing fascism in the US. The present regime and where it will take us in the future is terrifying. Silence is agreement. Find a way to speak out against tyranny and oppression. The US government is locking children in cages. They are offering migrant families choices such as separation of child from parent, one to go free and one to remain in ICE custody or instant group deportations. Children and adults are getting COVID-19 in ICE prisons. And this is only one example of the terrible things happening in the US. If you do care, then speak out, and do it loudly. And in fact, one doesn't have to be an American to criticize loudly what is going on. Silence gave us Hitler. Now another despot is on the loose. Fight back!

I second what Isabel said.

Remember what John Lewis said :

"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something."

You are a courageous person Corey. Speak your truth!

Cousin Judy

Apologies for the long comment.

First and foremost: You have always been very kind, generous, and open. I am sure whatever you write will be presented in these same ways. If not, we will call it "passion for a cause".

This is *your* blog, and therefor *your* voice. You do not owe anything to your readers, they come, they go, they come back again, and so forth. As this is 'part' of your business (but from my viewpoint -mostly personal and familial), yes, things can get tricky because some folks get weird when politics comes into something they wish to purchase. For me, I'm old enough to know that much of what I put my money into will somehow become invested by the larger fish in the pond, and might end up feeding a shark I would never associate with, but this is modern capitalism and I am pretty insignificant little shrimp who still may need a 'whatzit' I can only buy from "that guy".

You are entitled to your opinions, your voice, and for speaking what is weighing on your heart and mind, however political. It's very 'American' to speak up, even when -or particularly when- we disagree! It's the American way, no?

Many of us are feeling queasy, nervous, unsettled, and to be frank outright afraid of where we are headed. (I know family members who feel the EXACT same feelings I do, but believe the polar opposite as to where all the "W?"s are laid to blame. Which side is right? We may not know for a very long time, however we all have the right to a VOTE!)

Speak your truth. If we can handle it we'll stay. If not we'll go. But speak your truth!

and make sure your VOTE! counts.

Hard decision! But, it’s is your blog. I believe any of us who have followed you for a long time, know how you think.
I just hope all Americans will vote for what is the greater good,

Love you, but not interested in your politics. I’m surrounded by opinions and news cycles and come here for your thoughtful ways and attitude of peace.

I agree with NANCY!

I second your wise cousins above.

I appreciate your silence. Thank you. Your blog is a place a peace and refreshment. There is no taking sides. There are so many differing opinions, so many arguments, so much anger that I have almost stopped reading social media, or any media for that matter. Your blog and Instagram stories are a welcome relief! I have loved the flowers! Silence in a blog is not agreement or disagreement. If someone wants politics, there are plenty of places to go for it!

I love that your blog is a respite from all if the partisan, political ugliness.

I think everyone needs a place where they feel free to speak from the heart. If you want to leave 'French La Vie' free from politics, you could perhaps have a sidebar such as you have for your journeys and rentals and readers could choose to go there or not. A blog that shows just the peachy side of life can be a place to escape to but sometimes there's more to be said.

Even though you've said very little about politics here, I know where you stand by your empathy and logic. Your ability to put yourself in the place of others. You've said a lot without overtly saying it.

And if you weren't concerned, I'd be concerned. Your cousins' comments are good. Hugs.

Dear Corey, I admire your reserve, control, patience, respect, and love for your blog readers, most of all I admire your honesty as well. Living where I do...I do not share much of my political opinions either. I am afraid to loose relationships I treasure, but I am afraid now to not speak up! so I have just ordered two political signs for my front yard they will let my people know how I feel without me having to say anything unless they ask! .....wish me luck ha! send me a prayer too!

Also, like John Lewis says..."if you see something, say something, get in Good Trouble"
I agree with Isabel.

I'm with Penni, Isabel and the cousins. It is your blog so you should speak your truth. This is too important. And I agree with turning off comments if that makes it easier.....again, your blog. Long time follower here and I love the things you share.

Dearest Corey...Do not let the freedom of our conversations be hijacked....if we can collectively like a picture of a flower...why can’ t we listen without judgement to another’s opinion. What are we so afraid of?
I surely don’t know everything so I need my sisters and brothers to speak up so I can learn...and maybe...just maybe I might say something that
resonates within them.
We need cross pollination, the thoughtful listening to each other so we can mend the divide together.
If you are called to speak...follow your heart, and I know for one...I will listen.

I second what Arnelle and Cousin Judy shared. I couldn’t say it any better. Love to you, dear friend.

These are not political times. These are not sane times. Hard not to feel and say and stand. Your heart says it all. And the flowers can't hurt.

I never discuss politics, but this year I have been vocal. If something I could say would sway someone to vote for the democracy of the country I love, then I am saying something, in a kind, truthful way. I agree with Arnelle and your cousins. I feel like I must do all that I can do, in addition to voting, to help get my country back on track. I want to leave this election, knowing I did what I could do. At this point, for me, I am going to speak the truth, in a respectful way. I am terrified at the thought of the direction the last four years has taken us and what we could become with four more. If you choose not to speak out, I will continue to follow your blog and love you.

It seems disingenuous to me, but that’s just my take. Now is NOT the time to be silent in my opinion. Sometimes cleaning house is a needed task.

Yes! Isabel.

This is your blog Corey. We all know how kind and respectful you are. Speak up and block any comments that criticise you.

I love that you don't talk politics! If you did speak your mind, half of your subscribers would cheer you on and the other half would feel insulted or angry. I know many people who have left social platforms because the views presented weren't in alignment with theirs and they found it to be exhausting.
You have such a wonderful blog and I would hate to see the dynamics change. It's nice to have a peaceful place where people can take a break from the inundation of politics. xoxo

Your blog is beautiful full of family stories, friendships, recipes, and of course the brocante. Keep it as it is. We are bombarded with the news, the good the bad the ugly, we do not need more but a place to call our own retreat, of beauty peace and friendships. Write letters to the / your congressmen, offer Op-Ed opinions on the newspaper editorial, form zoom chat groups to find solutions.
there are many more meaningful ways to offer your views, but please keep your blog the way it is, you can always offer a second blog for your opinions, and have chat sessions for meaningful discussions and your political views.

It is only together that we can move forward in a positive direction.We all need to open our ears and listen, and our hearts to what we know is true,and to find the common ground. Also to exercise our right to freedom of speech (In a civilized manner) when we feel very strongly about something.

'One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all'.

What a marvelous C orey-ous topic!
Testing to see if I can enter a comment.

I am so struck by the generous and gracious flavour of all these responses.

When I started reading this question and comment string, I was all “say exactly what you think politically, Corey!”

And yet. Perhaps it is even more of a calling to be a bringer of Peace and Respite to the people who follow you, and who clearly appreciate generosity and grace.

So. I changed my mind, just in the reading. See what you facilitated?

Dear Corey, seen the candidates one side or the other I suggest not to vote!
Nothing changes anyway!
They only look after their own interest and don’t give a f**k all about the people as it is in Italy, France and the rest of the world!
And this is the truth as simple as that!
When we the people, will remember that we are the 99% and them only the 1% and we will start to do something about it thus forcing a change once and for all, then and only then, I would take into consideration voting again!
I’m sick and tired of what I see in Italy everyday: corruption, scandals, robberies, mafia, etc. etc. in all parties!
Better stop here as I think you got the idea of what I mean.
Sorry if this upsets you or any other reading your blog! 😉

Dear Corey,
Your blog is a restful place for sure. There’s no doubt your readers know you speak from the light. We know darkness may eclipse the light but can’t do so forever - the light always finds a way through, water always wears rock. Speak as you wish - we know who your are!

I appreciate your politics free blog, Corey. Your daily dose photo has
been like a haven to pause and breathe in what is a terrifying time in
the United States. Voting is the only way we can take control of our national
nightmare. Keep on doing what you do. We know your true heart❤️

I agree with Robin. I think at this point most have made up our minds. I think you want to share your thoughts. It’s healthy!

Dear Corey,
Thank you for everything that you have shared over the past years, you have been a blessing more than you know. I so enjoy following your blog, and am from Northern California too. I rarely comment, but this is no time to be silent. In my 40 years of being a registered voter in the United States there has never been an election as important as this one. The past three and a-half years has been beyond heartbreaking. We must all stand and be counted. Our Vote does matter. I am encouraged that so many young people have registered to vote during the BLM movement. The only way to stand against oppression - is to stand together.

To remain silent is immoral. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent and not speak out and up. Americans have suffered these last 4 years and the world has had to endure evil and cruelty because of our acceptance of this cruelty. Every American needs to day that this is NOT who we are. We are the Americans who saved Europe and learned from our evils as a colonial people. Yes vote - but say WHY you are voting.

Corey, I pray that you keep your blog just as it is without political weigh-ins changing what so many of us have appreciated over the years..beautiful, uplifting and positive posts for us all to enjoy and be inspired by. When the various blogs I have so enjoyed go political, in either direction, I opt out. It is so hard to escape the political drama to which every single American is relentlessly exposed. Please, please don't change now. We all know how we feel and are voting.

Your silence on politics has been a welcoming respite from the political noise that fills the airwaves every minute of every day. It is one of the few places of peaceful refuge that lets us focus on the beauty and love in each of us and in our surroundings.
Please stay the course!

Voting is imperative. That being said, I am so grateful that you choose to not use your blog as a soapbox for anything political. Please don’t change Corey.

Please Cory keep your blog just the way it is. Please.

Agree with Carolyn from Pittsburgh.

I prefer people leave politics on their political blogs - that way we can choose to follow or not. I really don’t want to know what a person’s politics are on an art, fashion, travel, etc. blog. We all need a place to go to that is not a political rant. Even some of these comments prove how some can’t help themselves. Thank you for allowing us a political free space.

PLEASE!! Not THIS blog for politics. I am bombarded with political opinions and can get them anywhere. Peace, I cannot. Your blog has been my "peaceful moment" time of day. Just reading these comments today, some legit comments, others already using you for their platform, is an example of things to come if you open this up to politics. I don't need my morning coffee peaceful moment ruined...and yes, it is all about me.

Dearest Corey,
You are a kind friend to ask us what we would wish...but these heart things must really be answered in our own hearts. Tho' our hearts often speak more loudly once we have some opinions to respond to, don't they? To me, this isn't so much about politics as about humanity. And I come here to read because I love and appreciate the human that you are. Tho' I "escape" often from the many burdens of life in the 21st-century, I don't need or want a sugar-coated version of lives so generously shared on blogs and elsewhere. It's the tangle of beauty and love and grief and confusion that draws me to the glass pages of the webby world in the first place, to remind myself that I am not alone in the struggle...and the joys.

So I agree with Isabel and your cousins and Arnelle and others who encourage you to be your whole self here, if that is what is beckoning you. I would love to hear your thoughts,

With love and gratitude,

That you ask shows who you are. Voting and politics reflect who we are as people, as humans. Your values speak loudly about you. You, Corey, are about decency, compassion, family, etc.etc.. I believe that your values are reflected in all that you say and share. The same is true of each of us. I believe that you should speak your truth in your way, as you have been doing each day for many years of blogging. People are free to come and go. People are free to build personal sanctuaries. I respect you and support you doing what is right and true for you. Carrying me is not your burden. I answer for my actions and thoughts. As blog friends, you touch me with your warmth and love. I so appreciate what you offer. Do what is right for you. Feed your soul.

I've so much enjoyed your flower posts. We need moments of sanity. Thank you also for the reminder to VOTE!

My grandmother was a devout Catholic and she attended mass every day in Willows until her death. The best advice she ever gave me was never discuss politics or religion with anyone. These are 2 things a person should keep private. You will never change another person's opinions on these subjects. These 2 subjects are responsible for most of the world's conflicts. I have tried to live by this rule my whole life. I understand that your religious beliefs are what has molded you into the person you are today. I enjoy your blog because it is politics free and you aren't pushing your beliefs onto other people.

Mon ami, your blog is called French la Vie for a reason. A discussion about American politics (even though you are American) has no place in it. It is up to each individual who votes to do their own homework on policy, positions and the differences between parties and candidates and there are plenty of sources of information available in order to do that. Anything offered up by an individual is just an opinion. The vitriol surrounding politics in social media has gotten completely out of control, and it saddens me that people will form opinions and make decisions on what someone else posts without bothering to research the facts. For that reason I refuse to engage in the current war of words currently underway on most sites. I welcome the opportunity to have a face to face intelligent discussion with anyone who is respectful and can discuss facts as we all try to determine what our country needs right now. So yes, VOTE. READ. Be informed with legitimate information and facts. And in the meantime, I look forward to enjoying learning more about your French Life, France, especially the brocantes and anything else about France you choose to share. Bisous!

Dear Corey,
This blog is yours. You share what’s on your heart. Speak your truth. Don’t worry about how others will react. Will you lose some readers? Maybe. It probably is a good time to revisit your vision for this wonderful blog that I have read every day since Chelsea and Sasha were teenagers. I have watched you allow yourself to become increasingly vulnerable, sharing you pain (your father’s death), your fears (dogs), your angst (Sasha’s move to Seattle). Trust yourself. It will be fine. If comments get too hot, turn them off and keep sharing your thoughts.

I am with you, wherever you go. V

Dear Corey. Love all the comments esp from Cousins. I have one comment, if you integrate politics of world issues, take the higher ground. Address specific issues. If your words can open the door to bringing out right from wrong, good from evil, then mission accomplished. In my view, the only way to address evil actions that hurt so many people, is with words of love and I know you would do that brilliantly.

"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something."

Dear Corey, it is clear from these responses that you have a vast, varied audience of very wise readers (mostly women?). Has it been difficult all these years for you to remain silent about your political views? Life is full of polar emotions and experiences, some full of excruciating pain, and some of absolute beauty. You have written so beautifully and passionately about those things in your experiences. Why would you NOT want to write about a part of your life that must occupy a good part of thoughts? I love reading the quotes by John Lewis. I think most of your readers would have no problem with your getting into "good trouble".

VOTE! Get into GOOD trouble. Since I think I would agree with everything you have to say, SAY IT. Thank you for your daily dose of peace and beauty.

Good advice for everyone ❤️

Say whatever is close to your heart and yes, whatever you do, vote. And thank you for all the beautiful flowers that help ease the daily tensions.

Thank you for avoiding politics. Yes, it's important to vote. Thank you for lifting our spirits and keeping your blog inspirational, spiritual, and motivational. I can't handle all the negativity out there. I recently read a book called, How To Have Impossible Conversations. It's the best book I've ever read. Every politician and school should be forced to read it. It explains very well that we all desire goodness, truth and beauty. And that we all want good things for ourselves, our loved ones, and our country. We just have different ideas about what that is. Deep inside all of us we are ALL good. I think if you go to Amazon and the book section and type in the search box the name that it will pop up. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!!! I haven't gotten angry on Facebook since reading it!!! And that's a small miracle! LOL I feel I understand the other side so much better. I also feel so much more compassionate to everyone. Books have changed me life in a really healthy way. It's my goal to read 1,000 books in my lifetime. If I read a book every 2 weeks, I'll reach 1,000 by the time I'm 76. But I make sure I only read Catholic, motivational, and inspirational books. It's very important to fill your mind with healthy, upbeat things. So, again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Without trying to sound rude, I don't care to read comments on people "speaking their truth".
On social media, TV media, etc. you read and hear so many different interpretations on the same subject. So much ranting and distortion without true and precise facts. It is disturbing and too much negative emotion.
I think most people that have been reading you can guess or know where you stand politically. I'm not sure why you would want to post on politics but I suppose it would give some of your readers validation on their political choices.
I will continue to read your blog as I find it mostly beautiful and uplifting.
With best wishes

Your blog is one of very few places to find calm these days. We are daily over whelmed with ideas and comments that cause anxiety and fear. I escape to your blog
For beauty and smiles and have for many Years. Thank you for helping me cope with 2020.

Please no politics.

I’m with Isabel. When this administration started separating families at the border, putting children in cages, how could I stay silent?? I have no patience with women, especially mothers, who pretend this is not happening by never reading or discussing “politics”. Mass outrage would end this. Silence enables it.

Dear Corey - I can only say that I do believe we can all find a way back together if our voices are always grounded in love, compassion and a true desire to help each other. We may not all see that in the same way, as we all are different, but if we agree to be respectful and always open to the possibility that we may not always be right, then by all means speak your heart. I believe your readers will be open hearted as well. I promise I will be.

Vote for sure, everyone, and do not fear to get into good trouble!

Public Service Announcement:

Kathie B. Grignon IS NOT the commenter known as Kathie B.

Your last word says it all VOTE!
Speaking from the other side of the world, I hope that people in USA do vote and that there is a good outcome.
Well done for keeping away from politics, it is often a difficult decision, wherever you live.
Greetings from NZ!

I like you just the way you are.

This may be my first time commenting on your beautiful, heartfelt blog but I couldn't not comment. 'Politics' is not just one topic - the political choices we make dictate how we are able to care for our children, the elderly, the sick and those in need and shape so many crucial aspects of life. By all means, share your thoughts about these crucial issues on YOUR personal blog. It's a luxury to say that it's nice to leave politics out of a certain space, and not everyone's life situation allows them to enjoy such a luxury.

I have followed you for years and I have always loved your words and your blog. Sometimes over the years you have made a “political” post and I have loved you all the more for it. What I liked was that it was usually just a one of post and the next day you were on to something else. But this is “your blog” and I think you need to do exactly what YOU feel compelled to do. If WE can’t hear and listen to your truth and the faith you have in us then that is on us, not you. So carry on dear Corey. I will always applaud you.

I love, love, love your blog. It is a place of beauty and love. We are bombarded with politics at every turn. We are surrounded with opinions left, right, center and off the wall. Please, please leave your blog about love, beauty, family, flowers and beautiful scenery. It is a little oasis to retreat to for a few minutes.

Greetings from Chico, Ca.

I strongly support Isabel's post, and Amy's above.

My country suffered under the Nazis, and then under Russian totalitarianism. My whole life has been marked by it. I did not have the luxury of growing up with extended family because of it, and can now only wistfully look on the outside at lives such as yours which have such connections, connections I will never experience.

It is a terrifying time because it is all happening again, and people are not paying attention. Not speaking up to prevent a horror, to prevent terrible tragedies, is wrong somehow. My grandfather risked his life and the lives of his family in order to shelter and protect those running from Hitler, in front of his Nazi overlords. Speaking up and risking offence of those who do not share our views seems like such a small price to pay for doing the right thing in comparison. At this point, we are not risking our lives and livelihoods by speaking out, as my grandparents were. My dad's father, a village doctor who escaped the Russian Revolution, died at the age of 53 after being interrogated by the secret police for 24 hours for expressing his views. He was beaten and threatened and died. We are not there yet, but only speaking out and acting out will ensure that that we do not get to that point.

That is how serious the current situation is. And most do not realize it.

You certainly have a right to keep your opinions to yourself but I think that there is no room for silence during this horrible time. Our voices and our votes have never been more important! I sometimes think silence equals complicity when so much is at stake.

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