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01 August 2020


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Anxiety is something that I deal with a lot. Prayer, exercise, evening calming yoga all help but sometimes I just have this gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. And so I just acknowledge it and keep going, knowing with time and a good night's rest that it tends to dissipate. Thank you for your words, Corey

Sorry for that. My husband came around finally and is wearing a mask and being careful and we don't socialize for now. It's been very peaceful and kind of a vacation from the usual running around. Hopefully those around you will see that this is a rare opportunity to stop meeting social demands and to just take a break.

Walking, hiking and biking are a tonic for worries. Things won't feel the same for quite a while, gotta roll with the waves. The virus is like a weight on our shoulder that never goes away.

We are avoiding TV and just reading daily papers.

I’ve heard a lot people express what you feel, a deep anxiety. My faith has carried me through this feeling. First I remember often that “the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear, but if love, power, and a sound mind.” Next I think about how He says, “My Word will not return void ( empty) to Me.” So I can trust the first part. Without this I can’t pick my head up off the pillow in the morning. You’re mom is right. (Those moms, they’re always right!)

Thinking of you, Corey.💕 Your Mom is spot on. Bless her heart and yours too. Sending love.

What beautiful wise words from your dear mother.
Remember “This too will pass”

I too suffer with anxiety especially during these dark covid times..............
I pray a great deal reach out to my friends on the computer and the phone go for isolated walks
and try and watch some great movies and read.
Big hugs
Much love
Praying for us all
Love Jeanne

Praying for you, COREY. I love your wise Mother♥️

Your mother is a wise woman.
I know when I see pictures in other parts of the world and they are behaving more freely I cringe and worry for them. It is difficult times.

Take your Mother's advice - she is a very wise woman. Blessings for you both!

Your mother's wisdom is simple but true. We are in a different world and accepting it is difficult. Some people handle it wisely others not. We have a rule that if we go out to the grocery store, church or anywhere, as soon as we come into our home we have to wash our hands with antibacterial soap. Not sure if this works but it gives me peace of mind. Also, we carry a hand sanitizer and before we get in the car (going or coming), we rub some on our hands. We are required to wear a mask at any public establishment so this is comforting. We will not go to restaurants, bars, or attend an event where there is a large group of people. So we are home cleaning pantries and closets, watching a lot of film, and making great meals. Doing what we can to stay safe and praying.

I think it would take time to readjust, even without the complications of the virus. You were gone a long time. Keep setting a good example by wearing your mask. I think it is absolutely essential until a vaccine is developed and just hope all of you remain healthy. At least you are in a country with an intelligent and well-educated leader! Wish us well in November.

I'm going to take your mom's advice, too.

Your re-entry issues are understandable, I certainly can imagine feeling the same sort of things.

Many are praying for you, Corey. God bless.

I know how you feel, Corey. My anxiety is not about my own health, or even death, but I feel a tremendous responsibility to my grandchildren who come to our home 4 days a week while their father does his essential work. I worry about school starting and the effect on everyone. I have discovered that in these past few months, I have a renewed feeling of "Letting Go, and Letting a Higher Power" see us through this. I believe that this is a time of transformation. Change can be very unsettling, but I feel very curious about it, also. Your mother's words are full of wisdom. Blessings to you, your family, and all of your friends here.

I feel PTSD - Post Tramatic Stress Disorder from having to wear a mask out to the grocery store - I can't even imagine wearing one for 24 hours - I'm so happy for you that you were able to get back home - safely! That was a huge trip. I like your video you posted on 8-2-20 - the real truth. Yes, we have problems, but more importantly we have so much to be thankful for! God bless you and may He and His angles protect you and your family, here and there in France!

Not surprising. Culture shock of a different sort, it occurs to me. Not language to language or custom to custom, but how much/how well do we work to protect against this invisible but very real foe. And also all the other stuff. Xx. R

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